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  1. This helps tip the scales a little. Thank you so much. Along the lines that the TUF is slightly better, is there any thing that the x570-P can do that the TUF can't? Or is the TUF just...better?
  2. I've been researching parts for a brand new PC for the last 2 weeks. It's going to be my gaming and streaming machine. Everything is picked out, well until a few people brought up a concern that I already had, my motherboard. (MB) I had selected the PRIME X570-P. Being Asus's cheapest x570 MB, I was concerned with it's build quality. You get what you pay for, ya know? I ended up posting my build in the hardware section of the Steam forums; where I voiced my MB concerns. Someone agreed and suggested the TUF Gaming X570-Plus, stating it had overall better build quality, better VRM shielding, and a better power phase, a 12+2. Another user stated that the X570-P was better, stating that its VRM is the same as the Maximus XI Hero. with an 8+4 power phase. This is essentially where my head exploded. After a mind numbing amount of research, I can't figure out which of these boards is better. I'm watching videos, reading articles, and I am at a loss. With only a $15 USD price difference between the two, is the TUF just a better board, or are they each suited for a specific task? Is 12+2 better than 8+4? Even on that big MB list on this site they are in the same category. I cant find and direct comparisons. Why buy one MB over the other? This is the final piece of this puzzle so I'm probably over thinking this, but I wanted some fresh minds on this question as the other forum seems split. Thank you for any input. Prime X570-P TUF Gaming X570-Plus