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  1. Few weeks ago my computer was shutting down randomly. I checked the event viewer and found it was kernel power 41 bug check code 0. I tried to change my power options, turning off fast boot but it not working. It shuts down randomly and sometimes it shuts down when I turn on my light (not everytime), so is there a problem with my power supply ?? I found the air filter of my power very dirty so.. is it dust? Help me
  2. I think I have a problem with my os. I can't open any folder I got error. Then I restarted, after sign in i got a black screen I'm not able to do anything. I think I have fast boot up on I'm not even able to get to bios or safe boot. I tried crl alt del, shift f8 nothing works. Pls help
  3. I downloaded avg network security software to check for viruses. After the scan was completed my files were not opening properly, it loads for a while and gives a error message. My computer feels very slow and I can't open any file or application. I tried to google the error code and watched some YouTube vids, it says to open comand prompt but I can't it's loading for too long and shows error. I even tried run as administrator but it's not working. And when I select restart or shut down it load for a min and shows a black screen with my mouse. I can't do anything pls help.
  4. 2X6 gb ram, it shuts down and doesn't shut down always when using Chrome. Now my system is not even turning on properly, I installed network security software (avg) to check for virus after the scan completed the system took too long to open files and there was errors the files and programs were not able to open (will attach a pic). And then I uninstalled the software and completely shut down the pc and then when I restarted the loading time after the sign in took a long time and I got a black screen on my mouse was seen. Now idk what to do
  5. I have a i5 9th Gen Intel, xpg dd4 6gb ram, asus GTX 1660 super, asus strix H 370 f motherboard, 650 watts power supply. The pc was running fine for a couple of months, then suddenly it started shutting down randomly. I tried changing the ups,cleaning the dust but it's not working. It's NOT shutting down while gaming or on any load, it's mostly shutting down when I'm in chrome doing simple tasks. The cpu is also not thermal throttling. It shuts dowm once or twice everyday. Help me