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  1. 9 minutes ago, jonnyGURU said:

    I think this has nothing to do with the power supply.


    Hmm then GPU issue? this is very weird and i have no clue, im playing Smite right now (35 min so far) and gpu temp at 51°c (Hwmonitor most recent version) maxed out 1080p, and chrome with 3 tabs plus steam.
    BTW i disassembled everything 4 days ago to clean with compressed air, what about faulty unstable nvidia drivers? gonna google now and check anything related to my current driver 441.41 thx guys!

  2. Below 50°c (ryzen 3 1300x potato cpu) package always below 45°c with hyper 212 evo.
    GTX 1650 Super maybe at 45°c or bit more, right now im rendering a picture from 3d model in blender (1k samples high quality) and temp increased to 49°c been like that for 3 minutes.

    Damn im worried something is broken or about to explode, what kind of malfunction can cause this problem? the no signal/black screen with fans spinning very fast.

    Ryzen 1300x (rendering with blender) 36°c
    GTX 1650 Super (GPU rendering 49°c)

    ima try with Smite again, btw i dunno why i said dota2, i WAS downloading dota 2 update BUT Smite was running in the background and i was surfing facebook when the crash happened.

  3. (my english is very bad sorry) Well i bought CX550 and GTX 1650 Super but couldn't install the new hardware till last week, everything was running fine, no problems whatsoever BUT 10 MIN AGO...

    I was just watching facebook, steam and dota2 minimized, some other tabs with news bout damn coronavirus and suddenly POOOOF!!! screen goes black, no monitor signal, some fans spinning very fast (dunno which one, if gpu fans, case fans or cpu fan) i was freaking out and pushed the power button to shutdown the computer asap, then ac power regulator, i waited like 2 minutes and pressed power button (while praying lol) and PC started with no issues so far, like nothing happened.

    BUT... WHATS GOING ON??? omg this never happened before with my old 750 ti and outdated antec 520w high current gamer (working for 9 years with no problems) i hope it was some kind of CX550 protection like overvoltage, overtemperature or something like that kicking in coz idamn with this corona !"#!@ bug around its gonna be hard to replace either cx550 or gtx 1650 super.

    What do you think? what could cause this no signal/black screen and fans spinning very fast and loud? 

  4. bit off-topic but just wanted to share some thoughts, I finally bought CX550 2017 (arrives in two days) due high positive reviews in linus tech forum and some other websites plus it's ranked Tier B+ meaning it's supposedly superior to some tier C or B gold units like EVGA 600 GD 2019, anyway i hope i don't regret the purchase coz omg cx550 was very cheap, it makes me feel kinda unconfortable that i might get some low quality garbage but i trust linus tech tier list more than all those guys in tom's hard, techpower or reddit saying: "dont go cheap on psu, u get what you paid for, if it blows dont cry, $100+ and gold or nothing"  ?

  5. 26 minutes ago, Spotty said:

    Do you want a semi-modular power supply? Then choose the CX550M. Otherwise the CX550.

    yeah i like the CX550m semi-modular design but i've been reading about it right here in linus forum and CX550 is slighly "better" or that's what it seems...

    "the cx is a LLC Resonant, the cxm still double forward" (LukeSavenije) then another guy said CX is preferable over CXM but nothing else.

    BTW is there any page with CX550 & CX550M full specs? corsair official site doesn't mention anything about protections (OPP, OTP, SCP...)

  6. On 2/14/2020 at 9:02 AM, Sir0Tek said:

    On Mercado I saw a few eVGA BR, which - as beeing Tier C+ - should be suitable for you as well - if cheap. 

    And Corsair CXM (semi) modular. They're good, Tier B, and not so expensive. (450/550/650 is Tier B, 400/500/600 Tier C+).


    CX550m for $63 sounds good to me.

    Almost a month later im so sorry...

    I think im getting the CX550 or CXM550 according to psu tier list the CX550 is Tier B+ thats even better than EVGA 600 GD gold (tier B-)

    To everyone else what do you think guys? CX550 or CXM550

  7. 1 hour ago, Sir0Tek said:

    Mercado libre mx, is it correct that I would have to divide the number by 20 to get a value I can compare to the US$-prices?


    yeah i think so, lets take the evga 600 GD at "mercado libre mx" cheapest one from reliable seller is worth 1899 mx / 20 = $94 dollars, RM750 would be $116 give or take few bucks, EVGA 500 GD price is $73.
    CX550M = $63
    CX650 (non-modular) = $66

  8. 34 minutes ago, Sir0Tek said:

    I still disagree on >550W (o.k., max 600W), there has to be a viable option somewhere. And $15 not spend is $15 saved, no matter where and why, you do not get any benefit on higher psu-wattages.


    And the Antec (Tier C) did well so far, it's just at age. They don't have the very Antec any longer?


    nope, unfotunately can't find Antec psu's anymore, it's almost like the company didn't want to sell anything ever again in mexico, sure you can find some but not like evga or cooler master, they are everywhere plus plenty of rebranded chinese psu's. (also Rosewill and Bequiet are non existent here, that sux) 

    And yeah this psu did very well, 7 years and still rocking, i hope my next psu last as long as this antec, seven !"#!$@ years im proud of this lil guy? but it's time to retire him and have it as backup in case of new psu malfunction or just to power up old potatos like my hewlett packard pc from 2007 lol loaded with games like warcraft 3, age of empires, jedi knight II and more.

  9. 19 minutes ago, Sir0Tek said:

    Yes, they'll probably talking about system power consumption, not the power draw of the graphics-cards.

    lmao that's the very reason why i was looking for >600w psu's oh god .... so there's no way this 100w card (gtx 1650 super) can draw over 200w or more power and the whole potato takes like 300w or less, jesus christ, i should change my nickname to "derpyburrito" asap, so my potato is ok with any good 500-550 psu, now i have to find something worth the price, if i can't find a good Corsair below 600w i'll wait and get the EVGA GD 500w or 600w (as GoldenLag told me to jesus that guy must think i do drugs or somethign).

  10. 1 hour ago, Jurrunio said:

    Unless you're using Ryzen 9 or 2080/5700XT level of cards, 500w is still good enough

    I wanna give a good retirement to my 7y old Antec 520w High Current Gamer HCG, it's been working for countless hours with no problems so far (thank god) and powering different systems (my old AM3+ potato), that's why i was looking at 600w> or more powerful psu's but it seems i don't need such power, the problem is that i can't find good 500-600w psu's and when i do find something good the price diff is so ridiculous that makes me hesitate and think twice before hitting that "BUY" button eg: EVGA 500w GD vs 700 GD price difference is about 15 dollars, i'm a newbie and when i see the RM750 for just 110 dollars and then EVGA GD 500w for $75 makes me want to pick RM750 over non-modular and less powerful units ? 

    1 hour ago, 19_blackie_73 said:

    That system even runs on a 300W psu. Even with a 3600 and a 2060s and a ton of drives my system draws under full load only 270W, so there is still plenty of headroom on a 500-550W PSU. Save some money in getting a lower power psu and put that towards upgrades. Even something like the corsair cxm450 or how this thing is called should be plenty even with upgrades. And if you dont get crappy fans or server fans, they won't draw a noticeable amount of power. Leds are very power efficient so thats a couple of watts at max too.


    1 hour ago, Mateyyy said:

    Do they also happen to have a TX550M or an RM550x? 

    Your system could legit run on a 400W PSU, as it won't consume more than 200-225W even at full load, but 550W is a good sweet spot as in your efficiency won't be as low as if you were to go with a 700W+ unit, and it will still be plenty for CPU/GPU upgrades in the future. 

    But but... the psu calculator sites... ? saying i consume over 350w and that i should pick 600-650w psu's 
    That's not the worst, somewhere i read GTX 1650 and 1660 draw as much as 200w+ at high loads while gaming, is it true or im just a dumb newb and i got confused with the GPU max load and the total system power consumption
    OMG this is like someone who just needs a glass of water but wants to drink a whole galon instead, so 600w that should be tops right? 700 is overkill and i loss efficiency, sounds like having RM750 running with my potato is kinda dumb anyway im going to search for 500-600w psu's right now.

    btw nope, can't find either TX550M or RM550X.

    1 hour ago, Spotty said:

    This is correct. The part number you listed for the RM750 CP-9020195-NA is for the new 2019 version.


    What are the prices of each?


    Your system will only consume like 200W... The GTX1650 is a very low power consumption card and the Ryzen 1300X doesn't consume much power either.  The other stuff like a single HDD and single SSD hardly consumes any power.


    Are you buying from stores that have a website where we can see what is available?

    Big problem is that im from mexico, here the hardware price is ridiculous, sometimes is cheaper than US (idk why) but mostly way more expensive, i have to pay 75 US for the EVGA 500w GD and this is the funny part, the price for RM750 is 100-110 US thats a big what the .!"#! 
    I'm looking everywhere in the mexican amazon and this "mercado libre" website (Very famous in latin america it's like bestbuy or newegg) plus many online stores, the best i could find was Corsair CX550M and Corsair CX650 both 80 bronze and well they look meh, i think both are tier B and B+ im gonna call tomorrow to make sure those are not refurbished psu's (there's something very weird here in mexico, most Corsair psu's being sold as refurbished idk why).

  11. Edit: Well guys, it seems i was wrong while looking for >700w psu's, my computer doesn't need such power nor will take advantage of having too much wattage, what i need is 500w or 600w tops nothing more, you can read all the fuss in case you are like me, someone who wants to buy overkill psu's to power up potato pc lol.

    Hello there, few weeks ago i made a topic asking for help to choose some cheap reliable psu, the EVGA 600 GD (2019) was the winner but the store where i get my stuff run out of 600w version ? so the only ones i have left to choose from were Cooler Master MWE 650 80 bronze and Gigabyte B700H 80 bronze as well BUT...

    I was thinking "cmon man, you can get something better..." so i was checking and i can get the next PSU's:

    Corsair 750w TX750M 80 Gold, semi-modular - part number/id: CP-9020131-NA (Tier A)
    Corsair 750w RM750 80 Gold, fully modular - part number/id: CP-9020195-NA (Tier A)
    EVGA 650w 650 GQ 80 Gold, semi modular - part number/id: 210-GQ-0650-V1 (Tier B)
    EVGA 700w 700 GD 80 Gold, not modular - part number/id: 100-GD-0700-V1 (Tier B)

    Each one have very good reviews at newegg, amazon and random websites, i'd say RM750 looks like the best choice but there's no way my potato can take advantage of 700w, according to psu calculator sites and LTT users like GoldenLag and rares495 my potato should be fine with any good 500w psu (Ryzen 1300x, 2x 8gb ddr4 ram, GTX 1650 Super, 1 HDD 1TB, 1 SSD 500gb, dvd-rw drive, hyper 212 evo cooler, 2x 120mm fans with rgb, front usb 3.0 panel) but i could always add more fans, rgb and gonna upgrade potato CPU in few months also can't find good psu's below 700w nothing beyond bronze or refurbished and good price, so what do you think?

    ps: hmm it seems RM750 has two versions, one very old from 2013 or something with RM colored yellow and 2019 version with all letters colored white & grey.
    BTW im very sorry if im breaking any rules by making a 2nd topic wiht almost the same subject, 1s one was about cheap reliable psu's.

  12. On 2/5/2020 at 3:58 AM, GoldenLag said:

    Its in there, Tier B. 


    That one is fine to pick up. 


    Edit: the G3 is also fine. Tho it has overload issues worth avoiding. 

    EVGA 600 GD out of stock, now i have to choose between 700 GD, CM MWE 600w or Gigabyte B700H, you told me MWE 600w was the plan B that's cool but over 700 GD? damn this sucks lol 

  13. All right, i'll check gtx 1650 s availability, one day you can see a good deal with huge stock then next day price goes up for 10-30 dollars and no units available, that's mexico.

    Rog Strix ver is the choice, if can't find it next week imma get any other ver, i know im making a big deal bout low tier gpu but as i said, im paying $220 (there's no better price here believe me) plus new PSU.

  14. 14 hours ago, JoostinOnline said:

    Unless there is a design you really like, just buy whichever is cheapest. The 1660 Super is pretty low on power consumption, so cooler design isn't a huge deal. The only time it would make a difference is if you're constrained on space.

    ohhh no, not the 1660 i wish lol, can't afford such thing here in mexico, well yeah i could but damn, what's the price in USA for 1660 super? 240 us? well here i have to pay 280-300 ikr that sucks. plus gotta change my old psu.

  15. 14 hours ago, Jurrunio said:

    then the best deal of the bunch is the Strix, period.


    Maybe better than the TUF but not an outstanding card by any means. Gigabyte's low end (in the product stack) dual fan cards are always in the line of "good enough to replace the stock blower but that's it" category. Exception being the RX Vega 2 fan model, but they dont offer anything better either so that might as well be their flagship.

     Awesome, i'll get the strix

    Only problem is the connectors, my old Benq secondary monitors gonna be useless since both dont have any HDMI just vga and dvi-d, my main monitor is OK it has hdmi.
    What about those cheap "dvi to hdmi" adapters/converter? do you think that could work to keep my 2nd monitors? 

  16. Greetings! ?

    I have this old 2013 "Revolt" ibuypower i-series 504 desktop computer that randomly with no apparent reason whatsoever goes nuts and loses video signal, it can take 30 minutes, one hour, sometimes 2 hours or just 5 minutes and then poof, bye bye video signal, screen goes black and different monitors say "there's no signal srry m8" jk 

    I've tried with 3 different monitors, cables and connectors (DVI-D, VGA, HDMI) and nope, nothing, removed the HD7700 radeon card and it's been working for more than 5 hours with no problems so it's the HD 7770 huh? well maybe, because the PSU is just a tiny, skinny 17a on 12v and it says total output shouldn't exceed 250w lmao sure maybe this potato doesn't need moar power but damn this thing is so small and thin, anyway i put in back the HD 7700 and the computer looks good so far no video signal lost yet so im totally lost here, maybe it was some driver malfunction or windows power settings (sleep, hybernation, idk) btw this my friends potato not mine, the "display signal issue" happened very quickly there at my friend house so ... maybe his cables or room electric wiring, sockets, nobreak voltage regulator are defective??



  17. 2 hours ago, Jurrunio said:

    Also, why Asus?

    can't find reviews of these exact cards, but similar coolers are used on other 16 series GPUs so we can extrapolate from that


    The Phoenix worked ok on the 1660, so as long as Asus don't cut down something in their cooler it should fare ok.

    No reviews on the TUF, but small (80mm, others look like 90mm) fans typically generate higher pitch noise and the more sealed off shroud design harms airflow. I won't consider it just by looking at it.

    Strix card should be overkill, which is a huge problem when we're talking about an affordable GPU. Imo overkill is only good for the high end, where you can't buy a higher end product with that bit of extra money anyway.

    The online store where i get my stuff from doesn't have EVGA, MSI or anyother GTX1650 Super, just Asus and Gigabyte, btw what do you think about that one? the gigabyte in the last picture. All the asus (and the gigabyte) cards have pretty much the same price, about $200-210 us dollars (yeah, thats what mexicans like myself must pay for low tier hardware) Local stores sell GTX1650 Super for $250-260 US.

    So Phoenix series are OK, the TUF could be noisy and less efficient due small/compact design (higher temp i guess) and Strix is meh, i can buy any coz the price difference is about 2-3 dollars, that's why im so confused ???

  18. Greetings! ?

    I was wondering if there's a real, significant difference between the next 3 gpu's all of them GTX 1650 Super by Asus, the TUF version has slightly more "boost clock" but that's it, can't find any other difference besides the obvious like the appearence, size, fans, connectors and Phoenix ver doesn't have backplate, Rog Strix version has some little RBG in the "republic of gamers" logo, i'm asking coz maybe one model runs hotter, noisy, have malfunctions or something undesirable.
    I'm going to get one very soon and so far TUF is my choice, i know RX580 is cheaper and better value card but which GTX 1650 super would you pick from the next list?  ps: i'll check rx580 and 5500 XT anyway, ty.

    - ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER OC Edition 4GB GDDR6



    - ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Advanced Edition 4GB GDDR6



    - ASUS Phoenix GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER OC Edition 4GB GDDR6






    I like the gigabyte design.

  19. i just took apart an old "Revolt ibuypower 504" computer and found some tiny green firefly inside, obviously poor thing was dead already but the thing that gave me the creeps was this weird amber, yellowish round thing near the gpu like some decomposed candy or something, this computer has never been opened before and it has layers and moar layers of aluminium plates so i wonder how the !"#!#$@ that thing show up there, i bet it was some bug egg sac or something nasty.??


    11 hours ago, GoldenLag said:

    He can got higher. Tho there wouldnt be any reason to other than having the possibility to upgrade in the future to something with a higher powerdraw. 


    That is true, the issue is finding anything worth picking up at that wattage. 

    I was going to ask about why i shouldn't go higher besides fact i won't take advantage from the extra wattage, like does it explode or malfunction or anything bad could happen for having such potato running with 600-700w psu?

    Anyway i'll get the evga 600gd that one is cheap, actually all the psu's above are about teh same price but if for any reason 600GD runs out of stock what do you think bout Cooler Master 600w MWE 80 bronce or Gigabyte 700w B700H? excuse the engrish tyvm

  21. Hello there! greetings from tacoland ?

    I have few options to replace my 7y old Antec 520w HCG high current gamer psu, it still works with no problems whatsoever but ... this psu is very old,  ima get gtx 1650 super or anything with 6pin connector then a better CPU in the next months so i don't wanna push it any further with more hardware, it might work for few extra years but i think it's time to replace it with something equal or better.

    Here you don't have too much to choose from, local stores suck, at best you find some evga 500w white psu or rebranded chinese psu's like 700w with 15a on 12v. ? so my only options are online stores and this is what i've found so far that suits my budget. No Fractal, no Rosewill, BeQuiet or more brands why is that? idk those are very rare, couldn't find any available, finally most online stores sell only refurbished corsair psu's, nothing brand new and i don't trust refurbished stuff plus only 1y warranty with corsair and few months with the store? that sucks, btw thanks GoldenLag for the help in my previous post.

    According to PSU tier list 4.0:

    - EVGA 550w 550 Supernova G3 (Tier D+) (fully modular) - part number/id: 220-G3-0550-Y1


    - EVGA 600w 600BR 80 bronze (Tier C) - part number/id: BR-0600-K1
    - EVGA 600w 600BQ 80 bronze (Tier C) - part number/id: 110-BQ-0600-K1
    - EVGA 700w 700BR 80 bronze (Tier C) - part number/id: 100-BR-0700-K1
    - Gigabyte 700w B700H 80 bronze (Tier C) (semi-modular) - part number/id: GP-B700H 

    - Cooler Master 600w MWE 80 bronce (Tier B)- part number/id: MPX-6001-ACAAB-US

    Can't find any of these in psu tier list:
    - EVGA 600w 600GD 80 Gold - (maybe tier B) part number/id: 100-GD-0600-V1 
    - Cooler Master 650w MasterWatt 80 Bronze (semi-modular) - part number/id: MPX-6501-AMAAB-US
    - Cooler Master 750w MasterWatt 80 Bronze (semi-modular) - part number/id: MPX-7501-AMAAB-US

    so if you had to choose one of the above which one would it be? imo i like the EVGA 600w GD 80 gold and Gigabyte B700H, even Cooler Master MWE 600w.

    My potato specs? thx in advance?


    Ryzen 3 1300x 
    Gigabyte AB350 Gaming motherboard (it has some RGB build-in)
    EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC
    16GB 2x 8gb RAM
    WD 3d nand blue 500gb SSD
    WD blue 1TB HDD
    DVD/RW  LG drive
    2x 120mm corsair led fans (each one with 4 tiny red led's)
    Hyper 212 evo cooler (with another 120mm fan, no leds, it's the default 212 fan)
    Some corsair pc case with 2x USB 3.0 ports
    Cheap logitech wired keyboard
    Logitech G203 mice with some rgb.
    Logitech G332 headset
    27" inch 1080p LG TN monitor and sometimes, i use this Benq 24" ips 1080p as secondary monitor ( it's not connected all the time)


  22. Ok sorry bout that golden lol, im bit clumsy, thx for the help, i'll get the gpu then look for a good psu, btw there's something very weird about Corsair psu's in most online mexican stores, all of them are refurbished psu's :/  i could get the refurbished CX550 or CX650 and GPU at once but idk, anyway ty

  23. I don't want 2nd hand hardware coz it didn't go well in the past, don't trust people here in my mexican city that sucks i know but thats me :/

    So i should change my old PSU that's a priority more than getting new GPU huh? i could take the risk and get the Super 1650 or RX580 and pray it won't blow up, my results from most PSU calculator sites (either with super 1650 or gtx 1060) are (give or take) 328-420 load wattage so my Antec 520w should be ok... anyway have to think about it.

    This one is good?  evga 700w GD 80gold 5 years warranty

    i could get both in one month, psu and gpu but problem is the mexican currency, when our goverment does something stupid (which pretty much happens everyday) US dollar goes up therefore everything becomes more expensive, specially computer hardware