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  1. Hello, recently my hard drive stopped working and I got a new one the other day, I got my new copy of windows and I got steam and all my drivers installed. I tried installing some games today but every time it would come up with Disk Write Error, the reason would be different every time so it's not like I can pinpoint a specific issue. I'm positive it's not hard drive related as I'm able to install anything but steam games. Things I've tried to no avail: Running steam as administrator, clearing download cache, verifying integrity of game files, turning off Read-only in steam properties, rebooting / restarting my pc. (I was not able to delete the 0KB folder as there are no folders in Steam > Steamapps > Common as I have not been able to download any games.) ( I was not able to pinpoint a specific issue through Steam > Logs > content_log as every time the specific error to pop up would be different) (Removing write protection wouldn't work either as whenever I tried doing this it would always come up with the error "failed to clear disk attributes") Can anyone help me or at least try to point me in the right direction? It would be very much appreciated.