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  1. ok so i just did it and swapped them and it does work. Linus did a stream tonight and some one from his stream and said it wont have issues. but if worst case just clean and install again. So no issues and thank God it worked
  2. no i havent tried anything yet. thats why i wanted to other peoples advice before doing anything like that. im not a tech wiz as you can tell XD yet i built my pc though
  3. haha okay well that's nice to know, thank you for that info. But all i wanted to know is, is there a possible way to switch the GPU's without screwing anything up. But in any case if i do take out the 1050 ti out and just have the 1660 in there only, can i just put that in the 1st slot or should i just leave it where it's at?
  4. Okay i have in my system right now my Ryzen 5 1600 and my GTX 1050 ti with my new GPU in it which is a GTX 1660 and i already did the Nvidia geforce experience download and did install of it but here's the thing, i want to switch the GPU's on the motherboard (MSI Tomahawk B350 Socket AM4) having the 1660 in the 1050 ti slot and having the 1050 ti on the bottom slot. (so how i installed it)> Okay so i used the DDU software to install my new GTX 1660 by selecting the 3rd option (yes i was in safe mode btw anyways) which uninstalled my old GT 710 which was under my 1050 ti. So after the PC shutdown i took out my 1050 ti because i didn't know which GPU it uninstalled so there was few swiping of GPU's to get a post on my monitor and it was GT 710 i took out and place the 1660 in the slot under the 1050 ti and it gave me a post finally. So after that and downloading the Geforce experience and installing the drivers everything works but i want to switch the GPU's having the 1660 in the 1st slot and the 1050 ti in the 2nd slot below but i'm not switching them because i'm afraid i'm gonna miss up my PC if doing so and i don't want that so that's why i'm asking for help because i don't know what to do so please help me and if cant do anything about it then i'm just gonna be happy for what it is then. (and yes btw i know im bottlenecking my PC with the 1050 ti but i want to use the for video encoding to makes videos. That's pretty much it.)