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  1. just posting this, to provide info. downloaded windows drivers for amd, and switched to amd balanced power settings. went to bios and turned xmp off. (went to stock ram speed) did the same render and ended about 9:00 mins. (reference time is 8:40 mins) notcied that case fans were not taking the heat source as cpu on bios, those temps above were when case fans were running at lowest speed. so changed the source to cpu, Fans go faster when cpu is under load now. temps were worse, hitting 84 for a few secs and average of 81c as I watched these the whole time, ppt did not infact stay at 100% all the time, only when stress was stronger and when it is lighter it moved down to %90. edc was again 100% the whole time. so I went back to bios and while looking at things I found an eco mode (85w) . turned xmp back on (3200mhz ram), chose the eco mode restarted the render. ended in 8:43mins. 3 seconds more, max clock rate hit 4.01 instead of 4.12 max temps were 75 degs with an average of 71c ppt stayed almost at 100% all the time, only went down for a few times. edc was again 100% the whole time. I am going to look more into EDC later. this is a much cooler and safer state for almost no performance loss.
  2. getting a new mobo is not an option atm. if I could, i would really go buy a mobo that costed as much as a new car and choose between the infinite choices from my local vendor but i unfortunately in my country I can not. so saying "go buy a new mobo" did not help sorry. if these readings are normal for the quality of the mobo, then it's okay. i only want to know if these readings are normal at %100 or not. reminder: no overclocking - no overclockig - no overclockig - no overclockig - no overclockig - no overclockig unlike this test in the video, mobo and cpu sits in a good ventilated case with direct airflow, with one of the best coolers ever, in a stable temperature environment. other than this video, I have read two other reviews that said, if no overclocking is done (as this mobo is intended to be used) there is not much to worry about vrm temperatures. just not good with overclocking. if you check the images i posted, there are no anomalies on temperatures. i am not worried about the temps. just asking if things hitting %100 is normal or not -just checked the temps on bios. these are idle temps but again - I am not worried about temps at stock settings. - if anyone can advice an accurate software for monitoring chipset - vrm temps as well, you are welcome. another thought: I have plugged in both cpu power plugs on the mobo to the psu instead of one (only because I can!). I know one of them is more than enough unless there is something extreme in mind... can this be the reason why it sucks up all the energy it can get under load?? (but also only one cable can feed up to 150w so maybe it's not about this)
  3. hello all. This is the first time I am using amd cpu in my life. I had to buy a new diy-budget----" workstation " (I have been bashed before for calling this sytem a budget - read carefully: not a gaming computer but a " workstation ". this may be a good budget for a gaming computer but it's not even close for a good 3d content creating/rendering computer) and so I went with these: (going to write only the things that matter) msi x570-a pro (seemed like the better choice than b450 tomahawk max which was the only other option - both mobos were selected based on user/website reviews on the internet) amd 3900x matisse - 12c/24t (enough said) corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz 32gb(2x16) cas16 (best value/performance ram for 3900x depending on reviews on the internet) gigabyte rtx 2070 super windforce - (inexpensive and best rated entry level rtx 2070 super on the market based on multiple reviews on internet) noctua nh-d15 chromax - (performed almost same with x62 kraken, more silent than an aio water cooler.) corsair rm1000x - (I know it's overkill but it was cheaper than rm750x when i bought it, and i may add a second graphics card for more cuda cores in the future.) things to know first: I am not going to do any overclocking or have any intentions to do it in the future. this computer is being used and will be used solely for cpu and/or gpu rendering. no gaming updated bios to 7C37vH6 xmp profile on to 3200mhz instead of stock setting. computer case has a good airflow with 4x14 intake fans (2 front, 2 top), 2x14 on cpu cooler, 1x14 on exhaust. I have little overclocking experience with intel cpu from 10 years ago which means I have o idea about what to do today with an amd everything works fine. no bsod, no problems anywhere at all. i used stock cooler for a week until my noctua arrived (didn't pay much attention to heat with stock cooler because it is not reference for anything), and after a week with noctua, max temps are 80 degrees - idling around 36-54 degrees. I read about ryzen master software, downloaded it and checked system status: when idle everything looks okay. when I run a cpu render on vray/max stats change to what you see on second image. I have no idea about how amd normally works. I keep reading to learn about it but I wanted to ask here too if I should be worried about some parameters hitting %100 or not? (few reads say there is nothing to worry about) thank you in advance
  4. thank you everyone for the comments. as i see i should get a new psu. thanks for the explanations. it helped.
  5. hello everybody, i have this old seasonic m12 600w psu sitting around. it's 13 years old and I used it for a nice 6 years without any problems (even when I was into computers and did overclocking with a Q9550. it's all in the past now.) and then this pc got retired. money is a very big issue so I will definitely want to go with this psu instead of buying a new one if I can... I am planning to build a new budget pc for 3d design and cpu/gpu rendering. ryzen 9 3900x and a rtx 2060 super. (msi rtx 2060 super VENTUS GP) all the psu calculators show smth around 450-500w for this rig. I can not find an answer to this question on the internet: because this psu is very old, would it be compatible with a rtx 2060 super? and since I will do no overclocking I am guessing 600w would be more than enough. *(back in the day I was using geforce gtx460 and an overclocked intel q9550 with this psu without problems.) *(i live in Turkey, so even if you may have some nice alternatives to this psu with low prices, it most probably is not available here but please advice if you have a recommendation. I will look into it.) thanks in advance for good advices. please do not bother coming to say only yes or no if you don't have a point.