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  1. Also approx $1000-1200 here in Aus. Nevertheless, I prefer windows.
  2. The only 7000 series I can find on the Australian market these days is 1699 and that's a 13 not 15
  3. Cheers David, I've looked at an IdeaPad variant for a few weeks and found one at a reasonable price on sale. What are your thoughts on this? https://www.harveynorman.com.au/lenovo-ideapad-s340-1p-15-inch-laptop.html?CAWELAID=720013240000492305&gclid=Cj0KCQiApaXxBRDNARIsAGFdaB_bM_KJ6CzG_PeyPOIcDoOt1H4glrma_en9B8d7EXvRvX6q_QhqWUQaArdqEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Unfortunately the X1 Carbon in Australia costs around $1500/1600 (1000USD).
  4. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated! Which Lenovo would you recommend with respect to decent performance and strong battery life at around the 650 USD range?
  5. Currently the E495 looks like my best option in my price bracket. However I've seen the ACER Swift 1, and I know it's not as powerful as the Lenovo options the price and battery life looks very appealing. Does anybody know much about the Swift 1?
  6. Are they still utilising micro-usb charging on those? I'm reluctant to go back into that.
  7. Hey all this is my first post, please forgive me if I'm not adhering to some forum etiquette. So basically, my budget is about $800AUD ($550USD) I can go higher to around 1000 (650-700USD) but would only do so if it was really worth it. I'm a law and business student (fun double degree) I have survived the past few years with an older Surface. However, I really regret that purchase as the battery life was terrible and the micro USB charger wouldn't even have it fully charged for the next day of use! So eventually I have up on that and hauled around a 2014 MSI GS70 simply because of how frustrated I was with the Surface (it went through battery quicker than the charger could keep it alive). Obviously I had to keep the MSI plugged in at all times, and yes I can do that again but I really, really would like the flexibility of a strong battery. Primarily I'm looking for something relativity lightweight with sound performance (I only really need to run Word, Excel and open PDFs... although usually I can have upwards of 20 large PDFs open at once). However, battery life is very very important to me, I'm at Uni for usually 8 hours every day, sometimes longer and was hoping for something that I wouldn't have to have plugged in at all times which would give me so much more flexibility. I do not care about gaming performance at all and don't need anything beyond 1080p. I have considered an XPS for many years now, however I'm always very reluctant to spend that type of money on anything considering what us students spend on everything else. The lower end Dell Inspiron appears to be a decent option at my preferred price range but I was hoping somebody could weigh in with some knowledge. I know somebody will probably recommend a chromebook and I'm not sure whether it's really an option considering my extensive need for Microsoft Office, OneDrive usage etc. Thanks all!