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  1. Thank you soo much, i ll reply later with an answer
  2. Would be a Corsair VS550 enough?
  3. Ok thank you, so there shouldnt be problems with rx 570 and that i3 4160
  4. Can i have a problem with the video card being too much bigger for the case?
  5. Also i m sorry for the miserable case but i will be cleaning it after i buy the components
  6. About 120$ only for the video card, i m gonna use it only to play some games and i don t need them to work on ultra, it s an old pc that i didnt used for a long time, i think there will be a problem with video card being too much bigger for the case.
  7. Hi. I have an old pc with an H81M-K, 4gb of ram ddr3, 450W, and an i3-4160, what would be the best video card that i can buy without having bottlenecking.