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  1. So I reopened the case and switched the connectors once. Now both fans are reacting to the changes I make. Now I am wondering at how man RPM the pump should be at. I have it at extreme right now and it doesnt seem noisy at all. I read different things on the internet so I am kinda unsure here... Also the idle temp of my CPU is a big questionmark for me. The 45-50 i mentioned are more of a 45-55 now. That happens just with regular surfing on the internet, checking a youtube video etc... This seems high to me, but is it actually?
  2. Hello, I bought a new PC and built this entire rig together today. Everything seems to work fine so far, but one thing that I noticed from the start is the fact that the PC seems to be quite loud, even during idle. Just by listening and checking the different fans I am quite certain that the loudness comes from the CPU Cooler which is a Corsair H115i Pro Liquid cooler. I installed the Corsair iCUE program to check it out and can see Fan #1 and Fand #2 were going at 1100-1200 RPM, Pump at 2000 with the Temp being 30-31°. I set the setting to "Quiet" and fan #2 went down to 400-500 RPM while the Pump wnet down to around 1000-1100 RPM. While I do already hear a difference Fan #1 just refuses to change its speed. It is still at 1100-1200RPM constantly. I have tired to override it several times and just cant seem to be able to lower it. At the same time HW Monitor reports that my CPU is at ~45-50° while idle most of the time. During a stress test that I did before for 5min the max peek was 66° amd averaged at around 60°. Judging by this I do not think something is mounted wrongly or anything like that. Please let me know if you think differently. Anyhow, my question is: How do I get the fans to quite down. Especially why cant Fan #1 seem to be configurable? Thanks for your feedback!
  3. You think it will be better then the Ryzen that is currently being talked about everywhere? I always only had Intel CPU + Nvidia GPU. I want to stick to Nvidia since I have good experience with them. Back in the days I was always told to not use AMD CPU with Nvidia GPU. This has changed though afaik, so the Ryzen CPU would be an option, right? I dont really have a budget set, but anything between 1k-1,5k€ I am totally fine spending. I'd just like to basically "future" proof my rig for the next ~3y which is my usual upgrade time window anyways
  4. I could, in theory. Whats coming out then? New graphic cards? Doesnt that usually take a while again until there are some decently cooled ones?
  5. Judging by this I should consider rebuilding my entire rig pretty much, do I see that correctly? Any recommendations?
  6. Hey, I am not sure this is the right spot to ask, but I couldnt find a subforum that really fits better. I have been having the same PC rig for about 3 years now. While I can play most games without any big issues on Medium to High I always have this itch to put everything to Ultra. Sadly, this is just barely possible with newest AAA titles for me. I would like to know what you guys think is the bottleneck in my system and what part I should try to upgrade to be able to play most games at Ultra again. Some experiences I have had over the past months with some AAA titles: AC Odyssey: Kept having moments where my character just didnt move anymore while things around me where loading. Not a full screen freeze, I could still move camera. Can only play on Med-High at ~50FPS A Plague Tale: Sitting at ~40 FPS with everything maxed out. Had to put things down to get 60 FPS. Jedi Fallen Order: At mediium to high it went quite smooth at ~50-60 FPS Outer Worlds: Only at Medium I got it at around 60-70FPS I have a 144Hz Monitor, so I preferably would always like to have most FPS possible. My setup: Intel Core i5-6600K managed to overclock it to 4,3GHz 16GB RAM DDR4 1066Mhz Max Bandwith according to CPU-Z Mainboard from Asus Z170 PRO GAMING Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 I have 3 screens connected to my PC, 2 with 2k res, 1 with 1080p. I only use one of them for gaming (144GHz and with 2k res mostly). Let me know if you are missing any info or if there is any sort of test you want me to run. Thanks in advance!