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  1. Btw, I'm using 8gb(2x4) of ram, should I upgrade those to 16gb in the near future (for example with CPU) or it's enough for now?
  2. In the following year, if I'll choose to upgrade, would 6700 or 7700 be good options, or you do have something else in mind?
  3. Mainly playing AAA singleplayers like The Witcher 3, Borderlands 3, RDR2, etc.
  4. Hello, I'm currently using i5 6600(non k) with RX 480 and after 2 years I'm thinking about upgrading my gpu. Had a lot to choose from and I'm thinking about the GTX 1080. Other choice was GTX 1070, but here in my country the price difference between these used GPU's is pretty small, only about 45USD. One of the most troubling thing about upgrading was the CPU bottleneck. I've read a lot of forums about this and similar duos and opinions are very different. Some say it doesn't bottleneck at all, some, that it's even worse after upgrading to higher end GPU like 1080, doesn't matter if the game they are playing is more GPU or CPU demanding. And btw, I don't really have money to upgrade GPU and CPU at the same time. So my questions are, what's your opinion about this duo and is it worth upgrading into this GPU? I would like to play in stable 1080p 60hz, but if it would work I'd like to push the resolution up to 1440p.