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  1. And how would one find out if it's dead or not?
  2. I'll check the amount of thermal paste. The fan's rpm is constant (maximum) since it thinks the cpu is at 100 degrees. And ye I didn't plug the usb cable of the H100i v2. Let's say there is enough thermal paste and contact between cpu and cooler, will I have to buy a new cooler? Or, even worse, is the temperature measuring thing on the motherboard?
  3. The fans and anything else related to the cpu cooler was not running. I took some screenshots of iCUE, link, and HWinfo
  4. Hi, I was recently upgrading my PC and I realized that when it was built the CPU cooler was never plugged in and for the past 8 months or so my CPU has been running without a cooler. My CPU is an Intel core i7 7700k And my CPU cooler is a Corsair H100i v2 I have now plugged in the CPU cooler and it functions perfectly but when I check the temperature it is constantly between 96 and 100, even after 8 hours of it being turned off still around 100. The problem I have with this is that I don't believe the temperature measurement is correct but my cooler does and therefore leaves the fans at 100% all the time. Is it possible that the temperature measuring instrument for my CPU was broken during the time when the CPU was running without a cooler (probably way too hot all the time) or is my CPU genuinely at 100 degrees all the time. BTW all temperatures are in Celsius.