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  1. @LaughingHyena That's good. I also saw his video about Corona fans, that's why I included them to my list, since there's not many ring-rgb fans and these actually looks pretty nice for their price) Do you have any expirience with rgb fans? I'd like to ask if you know how to install them properly directly to motherboard and is there any limit on how many fans I can plug to a single header on mobo?
  2. @LaughingHyena, unfortunately they are available only in one of my local stores and not in packs. They are also very expensive (like 30$ per 1), I would like to consider the cheaper options.
  3. Hi everyone. Currently I'm buying parts for my new pc and I got stuck on choosing fans (ring-rgb) for my cpu cooler and case.. I need your help . CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1660 Ti A6G Motherboard: ASUS PRIME X570-P RAM: G.Skill TRIDENT Z RGB [F4-3200C16D-16GTZR] 2x8 PSU: Corsair TX550M (550W) Case: FRACTAL DESIGN Meshify C Blackout TG CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12-S Fans (for both cpu cooler and case): PCCooler Corona FRGB 120/140 or ID-Cooling ZF-RGB-12025/14025 What can you say about these 2? Are they bad? Which has better airflow and bright rgb (that's not as important as airflow, but still nice, since I'm getting a blackout version of meshify c)? I'm thinking of buying like 7 of these and putting 1x120 on my noctua u12-s, 1x120(rear) and 2x140(top) for exhaust and 3x120/2x140(front) for intake. I hope that's not overkill tho 1. Can I replace noctua's fan with any of listed above? Will the temps go up and etc? I'm not planning to manually OC my CPU (not yet at least.. maybe in 1-2 years when I'll be thinking about my next upgrade), just auto OC or w/e it's called. But it'll be good to know if they're good enough to handle like 3900x with u12-s in the future. 2. I have no expirience at all with RGB so I dont know if I'll be able to connect them to rgb heards at my mobo and sync them via Aura Sync with my RAM and GPU. I dont have my mobo yet so I can't read it's manual rn :c Do I need to buy a hub/controller for them (and if so how can I sync them later with my other parts?) or in my case with x570 prime p mobo 2x 3-way splitters should be enough for case fans (dont know what to do with cpu rgb tho, cuz im not sure if i can plug it in with my case fans to one splitter..)? I know that there's 2x 4pin rgb headers and 1x 4pin ARGB header, but im also not sure in which header I need to plug them.. Probably in ARGB, but can it handle all of my 7 fans tho? I was checking some photos of rgb builds on prime x570-p and I noticed that none of them was using mobo rgb headers (not even the ARGB one.. maybe I couldn't see one because of cables, not sure).. but they still had a fully synchronized rgb. Im curious. Thank you for your help and time in advance
  4. Ok, got it. Thank you very much for you help, sir!
  5. Yeah, there's only one noctua cooler and it's u12s, then i'll buy this one) Do you know how to run this corsair vengeance rgb pro (or basically any other) kit at 3200mhz? I know that there's such thing as XMP. All i need to do is enable it and select a profile that i need? Also if my kit is 3200, can i get it to 3400 or 3600 via xmp profiles or for this i'll need to manually oc it? I never used it before so sorry if that's a stupid question
  6. Yeah, dark rock 4 / dark rock pro 4 (but this one is a bit too much) if we are talking about be quiet. But im not sure if there will be some space left for ram, because as i remember one of these has some problems with blocking ram slots..
  7. Hi! I recently started building my new pc. What i got atm (the other parts are irrelevant since they're old and should be replaced anyway, but if you are interested - i5 4460k, cheap cpu cooler, cheap asus mobo, ddr3 hyperx fury 8gb x2, few stock case fans): gpu: asus strix 1660 ti psu: corsair tx550m I decided to go for gpu + psu first since that's the only parts i can upgrade by pieces and now it's time to buy the other parts at once... Wanted parts: cpu: r5 3600 cpu cooler: ID-Cooling SE-207 / be quiet! Dark Rock Slim mobo: gigabyte x570 aorus elite / asrock x570 steel legend / asus x570-p ram: 2x G.Skill Trident Z Royal (24000 - 16-18-18-38) 8gb / 2x CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO (25600 - 15-15-15-36) 8gb case: aerocool quartz rgb with stock fans My budget is 800$ max, but i'd really like to go way lower than that.. (i'll use ssd and hdd from my current pc and upgrade them later) Im kinda new to pc stuff and I know how to build it, but i dont have enough knowledge to decide which parts would work better in complete build. With that being said.. which mobo / ram / cpu cooler should i buy (feel free to suggest things that's not in the list, i'll check and reply if i can get it)? I really want a room for some upgrades in the future (like in 2yrs probably), that's why im looking at x570 and not b450. The other reason is that i heard that with b450 mobos msi is a way to go, but unfortunately in my country it's hard to get a good one.. Or is there a good non-msi ATX b450 board that i can get and it'll be able to handle 3900x or at least 3800x in the future? Also i'd like to mention since i dont have a discrete sound card im looking for a good one on mobo (i heard that realtek s1220 is good and if im not mistaken it's on mobos that i listed), not sure if intel/realtek lan is any different, but i know that realtek lan had some problems before.. I've noticed that some x570 boards require 24+8+4 pin (which is more than tx550m has), does it mean that my psu is not compatible with these mobos or it will run just fine until i replace my r5 3600 with some high-end cpu which will require more power? I feel like i can save some money on RAM, but not sure how.. Im not familiar with overclocking so i dont know if i should get a 3200mhz ram kit or the one with lower clocks (not sure how it works) and then set it up so it would run at 3200 (afaik that's what i need for r5 3600, right?). Or am im wrong in general? Thank you in advance for your help and your time!!!