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  1. The ssd isnt long enough to make it to the place where it gets screwed in
  2. Thanks guys this was very helpful. I do have a crucial P1 m.2 2280 that I bought for my current MSI B350 Tomahawk which says it has "NVMe support" and turbo M.2 but it just didnt seem to fit right into the motherboard, was I doing something wrong or is the drive not the right size for that particular motherboard? Will be updating probably update to the x570 aorus elite wifi motherboard, unless someone else has better ideas or deals for under $400 AUD
  3. Hi, I am upgrading to an x570 gigabyte aorus motherboard in the coming days and whilst the boards say PCIe4/3.0 x4 NVME support I am still unsure which ones will actually fit into the board in the slots provided because I saw on a video somewhere that there are 3 different sizes or something. Looking at a minimum 1TB of space for one,as I would hope to put at least part of my game library on there and use it as storage/write disk for my media and music ect. and take it off the old shitty loud mechanical one I am still using 10 years later. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks