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  1. Hey just an Update she runs great got 4.6 ghz after a bios update at 1.3 volts but does anyone know how to change percore ratio on the asrock
  2. Well I am look at playing sottr and assassins creed odyssey at 1080p what are you getting fps wise on you're system and metro exodus
  3. Aye I've been running it for years and it's clocks really well as well
  4. Aye I will thanks for replies just need to wait on my board coming now but so long as all is well I'll have a much better system than I did have also the gtx 1070 is still a good card or has the new gen made it obsolete now
  5. Okay thanks but does Intel have alot that needs set if you up the Base clock unlike amd as I only had 5 things that changed the bus speed ram.speed nb and hypertransport does Intel have alot of other stuff as well
  6. Aye but that's what board and chip over 300 quid and what I've got board and cpu for 107 pounds all in all so I'm not expecting it to be the best but pretty good and I'm only using it at 1080p 75hz panel but I know there's always some bottleneck but with setting tweaks can over be Iver came also that is huge and if I had the money I'd go for the 8700k and you get the ddr4 bandwidth aswell and that's a 6/12 the 8700k isnt
  7. I'm sure it was but almost everything needs atleast 8 threads now and I take it the 4820k won't choke out my gtx 1070 they should match quite well
  8. Okay Crunchy so I'll read myself as well before hand but does Intel benefit like and from a higher bus speed/bclk and what is Intels equivalent to hypertransport also thanks and this is going to be a long term system so thanks
  9. Yeah that was what I was thinking on clock speed so thanks mate when I get it up and running end of this week I'll let you know how it goes
  10. Aye I only want it to run 1866mhz in quad chanel and the 4820k at 4.2ghz all core but I wasn't going to be pushing it to the max I'm well if it does what I'm needing it to I want this to last atleast a couple years and I am mating it with a gtx 1070 msi gaming x with a 638 overstock on the memory and 150 on the core for the card and I'm using a rm1000 psu so no issues will come up there but this is an upgrade from a And fx6300 clocked at 4.71 ghz on a 275 bus so hoping this should be a big jump
  11. Okay but nothing in particular that would cause a problem to have it run at 4.2 and I put my chip in a board to make sure it I'd working and at stock 3.7 it is only using 1.16 volts and is 1.35 where you'd wan to stop on volts on this platform I've only over worked on amd.
  12. It's fine I need the board and it was all.i can afford and I appreciate every stories it helps me identify if I get issues so cheers mate
  13. Hello I have got my hands on a 4820k and after a band board I got a Asrock Extreme 4 coming by Friday and I am planing on clocking the 4820k to about 4.2 but is that safe as I've not worked with Intel cpus or an Asrock board for clocking and I will be using the quad chanel memory
  14. Also when I put any ram into the other two slots is won't post
  15. Hey mate its corsair rm1000 and got it to post but it's being weird 2 ram slots won't work at all so going to get drivers onto it see if that tricks it so see them but it's seeing 8gb of ram 4gb sticks and when I go to dimm info it only seeing.g that one stick is there and not the other stick also what is lock step mode and mirror mode for ram
  16. Hello I bought an i7 4820k as it was really cheap and I don't have that much money and for whatever reason X79 boards are so expensive so I got one of these Chinese X79 boards which from reviews done on them seem like okay boards so I buy one it comes today I put the chip which was pulled from a working system and then I wire it up and just on the mobo box I just want to test fire and it powers the board but no display my ps/2 keyboard flashes but doesn't come back and the board powers up then powers down in about 30 to 100 second cycles and endlessly repeats. What I'm wondering is if the board is bad or if it's a dead cpu but or if the bios isn't recognising the cpu and needed flashed I'm just at a lose as to why it isn't posting What I've tried I've tried three gfx cards in different slots no change tried different ram and one stick in each slot not change I did add a board speaker and it won't beep just nothing I know the speaker is working but even with no ram in it which should make it beep still no beeps, I've tried remounting the cpu cooler see if it was a bad mount nope just power cycles. I will add on first boot everytime it does do a double boot so any help would be great appreciated