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  1. So i decided to build low-medium budget pc and was wondering is this any good or na ? R3 1200 Asrock B450M pro 4f RX Sapphire 570 8gb Patriot Viper 2x4gb 3000mhz EVGA 500W+ Bronze Certified
  2. And how do i fix it ? so do i need to download each mod separately to the same version as the server ?
  3. Hello , so i have just made a RL craft server but every time when i try to join it says and was wondering is there a way i can fix this
  4. Iradgs

    RL Craft Server

    Hello, does anyone know how to make a RL craft server , am wrting to play with my friend but we dont know how to make a server so we can play together, i have looked at multiplie videos on how to make a server but every single time i try to run a run.bat command it dosent load in the server . ty
  5. I had a problem yesterday and today where i tried to turn on my pc but my monitor had no display but pc was working and even led lights on mouse and keyboard showed .I even tested if it was my monitor or not but it wasn't, i then unplugged and holed off/on button for 5s and monitor started to work again with my pc but today when i tried to do same thing it didn't work ,but after some time of turn it on and off it turned on ,dose anyone know what could be the problem i have even changed my VGI cables. Patriot viper 2X4GB RAM EVGA 500W 80 Certified Sapphire RX 570 8GB ASROCK B450M PRO 4 F R3 1200 (OC 3.8)
  6. so can i still install windows 10 even tho i don't have paid version of windows 7 ?
  7. hello everyone so am still using windows 7 and i was wondering where can i install windows 10 for free i alredy used media creation tool but every time when i install it it ask's me for product key. So does anyone know where can i download different one ?