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  1. So I was just wondering if a 2070 super (Asus rog to be specific) was $650 used for 3 ish months vs a rx 5700 xt (gigabyte gaming OC to be specific again) brand new at $680 which one would you pick? This is kind of urgent and I've been told to return my unopened and card and get the 2070 super as it's a bargain! Note: Currency is AUS Thanks, Max
  2. Im not that knowledgeable about RAM but i dont think the G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 4000MHz CL18 DDR4 can down-clock to cl16? even at $25 more you'd say go for the 3600Mhz
  3. Yeah maybe i will. Thanks. But ive heard AMD doesn't benefit as much from Mhz that CAS latency
  4. Whats better out of 4000Mhz cl18 or 3600Mhz cl16? i will put this on a b450m Mortar Max... Note that the 4000Mhz is $25 cheaper. Ill be running a Ryzen 7 3700X and Gigabyte rx 5700 xt Thanks, Max
  5. ive just never bought anything from amazon before... and i dont think i know anyone who has. They only recently 'moved' to Australia, and spending around $2000 on a PC i guess i want to go somewhere that i know... i looked up reviews though and amazon seems good! so if they have a cheaper item ill be happy to buy it. Newegg actually has pretty horrible reviews and im not even saving that much money.. so it really is a no from me. and as a worldwide "go to" ive never heard of them. Amazon at least is world renown.
  6. Thankyou for explaining that! i think im either sticking to the crucial P1 or Corsair MP510. (i wouldn't mind your opinion on which one) I swear i only have afew more questions left. Because of the SSD size i wanted to save money elsewhere. And im down to have 140mm fans too... these are just really cheap!! Edit: should I maybe get a 3 pack or 2 pack and get some 140mm fans and not cheap out on a 4x fans for $19. Though the caee cones with 2x fans already so it will be filled with 6
  7. i had a look, i might get a 1TB Corsair MP510 for $219 compared to Crucial's P1 at $189 and it moves up 2 tiers on your list! do you think that the $30 more is worth it?
  8. The P1. Ohh i didn't know that about SSD's by larger writes do you mean the ~75% full rule (where ssd's slow donwn) or larger files? Do you have any recommendations? i liked the look of the HP EX920 but it currently not available in Australia. Edit: is Adata SX8200's good? Or intels 660p? Oh wait writes is its lifespan right! no i think i remember what they are lol
  9. Ok thats a great recommendation! i think ill go with the B450M unless you say get the tomahawk as the prices on those two are just too good!! I think ill keep the Meshify Case then for later use. Ive talked to someone and im going to get the crucial 1tb SSD for $189 for the boot drive and have my 4TB HHD barracuda as the place where i stire games, movies and well everything.
  10. Yes i might actually give this a try, i think ill be paying abit more but will be worth it! Great recommendation.
  11. Would you say take the B450M and save $70? then i can get a better GPU or CPU. Hmmm i was just looking at SSD speeds between the 2.5" and M.2 NVMe speeds and honestly, its faster but really not by alot... Would you say i could almost get a tomahawk B450 motherboard and maybe start off with a 2.5" SSD and then as M.2 get cheaper and better i would possibly buy one? if that makes sense?
  12. Ok Thankyou! I think you've ive narrowed it down to 2x B450 boards now! I just found the MSI B450M Mortar Max which looks really good and surprisingly has 2x M.2 slots. Im just not sure as it is a mATX, and the other would be the MSI Pro Carbon. What are your thoughts?? i watched a video on it and apparently it is really good. It is also quite cheap! and i can possibly get a Ryzen 7 3700x or RX 5700 XT. Also thankyou for the link! Edit: Sorry!! is it worth getting the mortar max with PCIe 3.0 if the gpu has a PCIe 4.0?? sorry ive confused myslef now
  13. For buying a new PC and dishing out (for me) alot of money, i want to purchase off sites that mates have used or i know is trustworthy. Sorry i thought u meant to purchase of sites like Newegg, which apparently in Australia isnt very good at all and so "Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard ($310.20 @ Newegg Australia)" i wouldn't want to get from them despite the price. But thankyou ive actually changed my build abit because of the parts list
  14. Oh so why did you say before that "X570-P does not support wireless connection at all" if i was to use the Gigabyte card to "add Wifi with USB dongles or PCIe card" wouldn't it give the motherboard wireless connection?? Ohh ok that makes sense. Im sorry but other than the GPU, if i do use both M.2 slots on the B450, it will disable the PCIe 2,3,4 and 5. Will that affect my build in any way and what would those slots be used for possibly in the future. I guess what else connects to PCIe slots that i might miss out one? I just want to know what ill miss out on, but yes getting SATA ssd's sound like and easy fix to my issue, its just then why get the motherboard with 2x M.2 Slots if im going to intentionally get an SSD not to put there? Should i maybe try not save money (in regards to 2nd Gen motherboards) and just get a 3rd gen board for convenience and potential in the future? So for VRM where do i find a motherboards 'efficiency' or unit of how good / bad they are?
  15. Thankyou for this! im from AUS so i dont really want to buy of Amazon, but the website Newegg looks reliable. Im going to have to ship but do you think that it is worth it to buy from there as it is also foreign to Australia. Just wondering Edit: i think Amazon is trustworthy now haha. i might look at there prices
  16. oh yes i figured the ax // ac part out haha but sadly the Phantom 4 AX board doesn't exist at all in Australia. Probably should have told you about that. Yes ill keep the gigabyte adapter in, i just wasn't sure if when the adapter switched to AC it would be worse than an adapter made for 802.11 AC use.. sorry my bad. Oh i just assumed that every board has wireless capabilities, but they either come with WIFI or you need to buy an adapter. But thank-you that's noted. So for the B450's problem is bad. Ive never built a PC yet so i may sound VERY dumb, please correct me. PCIe is for the gpu and is the long one, i understand that it can be used for other things like WIFI and i think sound card? M.2 slot is for SSD's and im sure other things. Anyways im more than happy to buy the B450 if i can run 2 SSD's and my gpu. It also mentions SATA ports which is my HHD right. So in the future when i have to get a new SSD, will i be able to run my HHD, 2 SSD's and my gpu? Im assuming SATA 5 and 6 means the last 2 but idk, that's why i need your help Hopefully they release some preview of a B550 soon as maybe i could just switch it out if it fits anything. I've heard a lot about VRM but don't really know much about it, a good VRM is good power delivery?
  17. Thankyou!! i now understand what you mean about WIFI 6 and 5. I picked the WIFI 6 adapter not really knowing what it meant but i saw Bluetooth 5.0 and good speeds for a descent price... so i picked it. Now with the motherboards im thinking of getting none of them support 802.11 ax, so should i change to something like the ASUS PCE-AC58BT Dual Band Wireless AC/Bluetooth Adapter? this more expensive!! but i was thinking for cheaper wouldnt it be better still with the WIFI 6 going down to ac? Aslo the motherboards im looking at are MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max Motherboard ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 Motherboard ASUS Prime X570-P CSM Motherboard MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Motherboard i was leaning towards the ASUS motherboard but after finding out it doesn't have WIFI 6 and im not sure i need it and could save $100 with the x470. even still the B450 board that you recommended looks really good like the x470. I pretty much made up my mind about the B450 to pick over the X470 when i read this im might not get the B450 anymore and am thinking of going to a third gen? You also mentioned b550, i had a quick google and they should be out soon, should i wait for them?? please let me know what u think regarding the 4 (well now 2) motherboards i said, i dont really think X470 and B450 from MSI are good..? Edit: im sorry but i found MSI X570-A Pro Motherboard thoughts?
  18. Yes i might just get the 5700 XT because of how much money i save, also, this will not be bottleneck by the Ryzen 5 3600? The article you linked is actually makes sense but the x470 pro carbon is discontinued now so i dont know how relevant it is. The only new X470 i can find available on PCG and Scorpec is the MSI X470 Gaming Plus? and im not completely bought on it as it only has 3466MHz (i understand the article). If i get the ASUS Prime X570-P CSM Motherboard will that be worth it as it has a 4.0 M.2 slot which could come in handy in the future. Im sorry in feel like you keep answering this question but if i store games on my Barracuda HHD, which is probably overkill at 4TB. I wont be storing games on my SSD? i guess are you saying maybe to get no HHD and just a bigger SSD? but i was originally getting the crucial 1TB SSD but i though maybe for this i would want to pay premium price for "the best"
  19. Yes ill take out one of the fans. i decided to change case to the Fractal Design Meshify C. I'm understanding that a x570 might not be worth it right now, do you have any ideas on what x470 to get?? i just definitely want 2 m.2 ports and i currently have 3600MHz RAM, will this need to change on a x470 board? as the MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max that i was going to get only has 4x 3466MHz. Would a rx 5700 xt be better as it runs around the same as the 2070 super but is $100 cheaper? if i cant find a good 2nd gen motherboard id dont think ill get the XT (or the 2070 super) but instead the normal rx 5700 which is only $560!!! compared to a 2060 super which runs worse than a rx 5700 and is $670 With these SSD's sabrent i dont think i can get in AUS but i was exited for a second. Now i dont see why i would need 1tb on my ssd as i have a 3tb hard drive for games and almost everything else.. not like my important data will be there and just programs will be on the ssd, no? and im down to save money and not use Samsung, i just know there the best but it not always cheap. Any other recommendations for ssd. i was looking at the crucial 1tb ssd but apparently as that gets full it slows - but again i would know.
  20. Haha ok ill for sure take out a fan, i decided to change case so they were just the leftovers. Ill also change the case as well, i like both Corsair 275R or Fractal Meshify C but i might go with the Meshify. i have now changed the RAM to CL 16 3600 MHz As for CPU and its cooling i think ill go back to the 3600 even though it kills me. the 3700x isn't worth it for me. Ive been looking at CPU coolers and i dont think it will be hard to get the Arctic Freezer is AUS. I watched a comparison and the 212 is around 7 degrees hotter.. do you have any other good recommendations? i think if i cant find anything else i might just keep it, i've heard its the safe option I am not completely sure as to what you mean about WIFI 6 and 5. Are you saying no need for 3700X? The wireless adapter i got is overkill but has very good speeds and Bluetooth 5.0, are you saying that i should get a motherboard with WIFI 6 or 5 on it rather than a adapter. i was told by someone that adapters are good if you get the right ones and dont cheap out. I understand better (not 100%) that Power delivery is very weak on X570 boards... im liking the look of your linked Asus X570-P but damn i really didnt think i'd be spending this much on a motherboard.
  21. Thankyou for the reply! here are some screenshots. I was using pc part picker but they don't have all the parts on pcg. Once vie decided what i want and get help from you guys ill try and look elsewhere for parts. I think ill stick with the Samsung SSD then!! thank you Hmmm, for motherboards are you suggesting i get a 2nd gen one or maybe pay a little extra for a nice third gen as budget boards aren't really worth it. Have any recommendations?
  22. Hi, I'm building my first pc and want someone to look over the parts and maybe recommend a few changes. My pc part list is here https://www.pccasegear.com/sc/drc and I've been trying to do a lot of research. As for the budget, I'd stay hovering around $2000 mark. I'm pretty lenient. I'm really unsure about GPU and motherboard. For GPU i was thinking something like the 1660 ti or RX 5700 which I just looked into, i don't think i want an RTX card. I originally had a 2nd gen motherboard which was MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max. I'm happy to get that as it has 2x M.2 ports but i really don't know how to find out whats a good motherboard. As for the third-gen ones there was the MSI x570-A pro which is the same price as the ASROCK. I wouldn't mind saving some money too. CPU wise, i was pretty stuck on getting the Ryzen 5 3600 but now I was thinking why not the Ryzen 7 3700X coz why not. Is the CPU cooler any good because I think it looks cool? As for the monitor, I would like to get 'Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27inch WQHD IPS FreeSync 144Hz' for $400. But I'm open to an ultra-wide for a similar price (just less not as good specs) they look really cool - though this is separate from my $2000 budget. Oh and whats up with fans, i was told by a mate not to get 5 but it fits them so why not? As for my choice of SSD, is it even worth getting the Samsung one? for the same price as the 500 GB 970 EVO Plus i could get a crucial P1 with 1tb and has pretty good reviews. twice as much storage?? anyways I'm sorry for the long post but i really want to buy it and am also REALLY UNSURE!