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  1. I read this for AMD cards, what do you think?
  2. Try to watch yt videos without enlarging to full screen and read some letters, this is an example, a clearly scale problem.
  3. It could be a scale problem but dont forget that the problem is also in a simple tv or a smartphone so isn't Windows10 issue or DirectX
  4. I know aa dont solve the problem, but I want to find games where a setting covers up the problems. By the moment: Half Life 2, Assassins Creed 1,2, Origins, Odyssey ; RDR2(with configuration in nvidia panel), Dying Light, Warzone (with some jaggies), The most 2d games
  5. yess, in the outer worlds every single grass has shimmering and pop in your face, also the game looks so blurred
  6. Totally agree, for example for me syndicate looks like shit, and many other games like the outer worlds, forza horizon, the witcher... It not only depends of the game and the type of aa, also other games have very low render distance and low LOD with this issue.
  7. I think we could make a list until we get more conclusions from games that look good with this problem. I say Assassins Creed Origins and Odyssey. Red Dead Redemption 2 (adjusting taa and nvidia sharpness looks acceptable), also 2d videogames like ori and the blind forest, warzone has some anti-aliasing issues but its also acceptable. If you know more add to the list.
  8. This is for images and fonts, only for this. No for videos or videogames.
  9. We can dig feeper into this theme, it makes sense to me, I try to carry pc to my village and the same problem was there.
  10. I repeat, again. Try to use stadia or geforce now, the games are running in external hardware. Same issues as your pc. Not hardware.
  11. idk anything about electromagnetism and I'm starting to lose hope
  12. IT IS NOT SOFTWARE REALTED, WE ARE TELLING AGAIN AND AGAIN Many people had this problems even with stadia and I had the problems with geforce now.
  13. The cases follow the same pattern, new computer or new components that infect everything else, it is like putting together one type of processor and another type of graphics card create an incompatibility that leads to the problem
  14. I recommend you to read all the previous pages as I have done, this issue its making me crazy, I also recommend to not buy anything, it doesn't works, it's a waste of money.
  15. We have to talk with the people that fixed it, I think I read a guy that fixed it moving to another stance of his house
  16. It could be, I think similar, is like one extension causes the issue for all sockets but when you carry your pc to another house also the problem is there, one component or a chip could be damaged, one thing that is in pc, ps4 and mobile phones
  17. You are wrong, so wrong. Ive watched hundreds of devices and never seen any issue like this. This isn't a directx thing. Try to watch a film or a vid on your pc and look close the hair of people or some lines. Same of the problems appears. Jaggies and flickering... In this video of a TV Show you can appreciate it. Minute 3:10- look at the guy's hair on the right, look at the cables in the background. Minute 14:56- look at the table. I think you're the clueless thinking the problem is caused by directx.
  18. We really need the help of the guys of linustechtips or a big character to make this problem visible. I think we have to spam this.
  19. I tried with pc in my village and no change. I think the next time I'm going to flash bios and try again
  20. I thought but my graphics card is on warranty, and do this void it.
  21. Have you tried to charge switch in another house or stance?
  22. Yes, I recognize the problem as soon as I have seen it, and it happens in all devices.