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  1. so i then they are just comming back to normal i gues
  2. i live in the netherlands so i dont think it is worth shipping payment
  3. i live in europe and the cheapest ram sticks i can get is like 80 euros for 16 gb 3000mhz and in the beggining of the year it was like 63 euros
  4. hey guys i'm new to pc stuff and i was just looking and is it right that the memory prices are raising and how likely wil they rise further?
  5. oright well thanks didnt know that germany is that much cheaper from the netherlands
  6. the be quiet pure base 500 is the same price as the mb511 and cheaper than the mb520 so should i pick that one?
  7. glas blocks airflow right?
  8. the P400A isnt available in my country
  9. does anyone know what the diffrence is between the coolermaster MB520 rgb and the coolermaster MB511 rgb? recommendations are appreciated
  10. i dont know if i need atx is there a difference in fan headers?
  11. there is a atx version of that motherboard right?
  12. hello people i want to upgrade my ram, cpu, and my motherboard so i can game on it i live in the netherlands budget 375 euro i am not planning on OC current specs are cpu: A8-7600 mobo: asus a86hm-k (fm2+) memory: 2x Kingston HyperX FURY 4GB DDR3 1600MHz (total of 8gb) GPU:gtx 1650 super windforce ssd:samsung 860 evo 500 gb PSU: corsair tx650m
  13. i had the same problem every time i turned my pc my drivers were uninstalled i fixed it by buying a new gpu (i'm sorry)