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  1. Hi, I am not that well versed in memory terms or even english, but I just upgraded my pc with a i7 9700k and I kept my old ram ( 1 stick of 16gb at 2133 mhz). I saw some benchmarks of other people who got way better fps in ac odyssey (like 40 fps extra) and I was wondering if that was maybe the memorys fault. I am pretty sad at the moment, because I just spend a lot of money on the upgrade and I have the feeling like I have to upgrade again just to take advantage of my new CPU. So I want to buy new memory but what should I get? What speed, dual channel or quad channel, and what are memory ranks? Oh, and in most games my CPU will go randomly for less than a second to 100% load and then back to normal, especially when I get to a new undiscovered aria, except for ac odyssey, that game is always 100%, because ubisoft. Is that normal or is there a setting that is causing this? I have not overclocked my cpu and ram (I did but I didn't feel comfortable with pushing my ram that hard, and I still am not comfortable with CPU overclocking yet. Any help will be much appreciated.