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  1. Thanks, just wanted to know what all else i could do before having to resort to re-seating the cpu. I did it and it booted up just fine. Just have to ask though, it's not a brand new rig or anything. It's been booting just fine for months and it just all of a sudden did this today. Why would re-seating the cpu fix...anything?
  2. So my room mates pc just randomly shut off and now he is getting this readout on his mb. R7 3800x Rx 5700 xt X2 8gb sticks of coarsair vengeance 3200 Coarsair rm 750 watt psu Just wanting some opinions on what it might be. I have already tried different graphics cards. Swapped the ram in every config I can think of. I can only imagine it's either the Mobo or the CPU that crapped out. YouCut_20200529_215325227.mp4
  3. I found this monitor on newegg, and i was wondering if this was a good deal or just another cheap pos. From what i have seen of Sceptre on LTT they have made some impressive budget monitors. I'm about to upgrade from a gtx 760 to a 1660 super and was also thinking about replacing my monitor to maybe take advantage of higher frame rates and maybe even g-sync. Link to the page below. https://www.newegg.com/sceptre-e325w-2560ad-32-qhd/p/N82E16824112054