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  1. I did have mods running, I run a ton of mods for Fallout 4, but I went under the performance category and they have some pretty good stuff in there. Using several of those mods, I'm able to basically get my game to run everywhere at 115 FPS smoothly. The mods, basically remove shadows and grass from the game, but everything else is running at ultra, and it changes some of the meshes, but it has made a drastic difference. I do run LOOT
  2. Well I'm also a bit on the more dedicated side of building which can't possibly be expected of everyone. I have no girlfriend wife or kids, my life orbits around my tech and I've gone so far as both moving states and becoming debt free for the sake of my build. There are different levels of importance though. Still, if I weren't at the level I'm at now on my builds I'd have to question myself pretty heavily.
  3. Thanks for the info guys I really appreciate getting a better understanding of this when considering future system upgrades.
  4. I was sitting there today playing Fallout 4 because I've gone from getting 40-60 FPS in the Boston Common to now 115 at my max frames basically all the time with my hardware upgrade I've been working on. And as I was sitting there I began to wonder really how hardware affects gaming. You have a motherboard, processor, gpu, but what I'm curious to know about is how these things really affect gaming performance. Without getting into overclocking per say, how does for example a CPU affect a game performance like Fallout4? I'm using an Intel i9-9900KS. It's an 8 core 16 HT 5.0 GHz on all cores CPU, but compared to that they make AMD processors that are what, 64 cores? But what is the perfect ratio of cores to GHz for gaming exactly? There is also the GPU, RAM, and drives the game runs on to consider. My system drive is a 512 TB Samsung 970 Pro M.2, and my Steam files and Fallout 4 is on a separate 1TB Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD. My RAM is G.SKILL TridentZ RGB 32GB of DDR4-3200. So in the categories of CPU, RAM, GPU and SSDs what is the perfect balance, or the balance to shoot for to achieve the best performance in gaming? As always, thanks for any time and knowledge you can afford me
  5. Right now the fan controller is mounted to the front of the case with bolts and nuts. The magnets would just hold tight enough to the front of the case that it wouldn't move, in theory.
  6. I'm going to have to take a break from building for a while. I need to change my living situation which means I need to sell my current place. Here I'm only getting 25 mbps down when I could be getting 1000 mbps for free. I can't change ISP because AT&T is all we can get. Somehow......... 25mbps is the max speed they will offer us. I will tell you right now.... AT&T is the WORST customer service provider, internet service provider, and in my opinion of the worst companies on the planet to do any business with. I do NOT recommend or represent them in relation to any of my builds, I will be ditching any and all services with them ASAP. It's just gonna cost me $2k a month for a while before I can do so...  


    Wave Broadband is the way to go. They are legit and arguably the best ISP I can think of. I will be going over to them when I get in their area. 

    1. Caroline



      only getting 25 mbps


       AT&T is the WORST of the worst companies on the planet 

      me still with a 512K service in 2020:


    2. PCDesignerRy


      Change your situation :). Life is a battle you're either winning or losing and I choose to control my own victory, it's how I've gotten this far and I plan to keep going. Set a goal in your mind and put it there and don't let it out until its reality. Only way you can ever lose is to stop. 

  7. Yes I will be happy to identify where the fan controller will be going via images. It is going in the drive bay.
  8. Velcro would work because it would still allow the fan controller to be detached, although it might be hard to find strong enough velcro. I'm hoping to find magnets basically strong enough that it would be as if they were screwed down when attached to the case, having to pull quite hard to remove them, but that's why I'm looking to buy many. Since I'm using nothing but M.2 SSDs in my build, these would be far away from any drives, and any other moving parts for that matter. Velcro would definitely be something to consider if I could find some that is REALLY strong. I did try screws (or at least a bolt and nut kit) for this originally.
  9. Yeah I was thinking about that originally but I want to make sure that should I ever need to I can still remove the part, like if it dies, or if I ever find something better that I want to use. I suppose you could still do that with double-sided tape, but I want to make sure it doesn't leave any sticky residue behind. If this doesn't end up working I may end up doing that anyway.
  10. So, I'm thinking of trying something in my build and I wanted to get some opinions about it. I had a hell of a time getting the first 6-channel fan controller I bought to fit in my computer case. I actually had to use a dremmel tool to mod my case with the use of bolts to get the panel to work and to hold right. I'm about to switch from my Thermaltake Commander F6 to my Lamptron 30W FC-8 fan controller. Instead of going through the fiasco of what I had to do the first time around with this part, I was thinking of trying to buy some strong adhesive-backed magnets, mount them on the fan controller to where the mounts would normally screw into the case frame, and see if that will hold strong enough that I can put my case's front panel back on without it moving or being an issue. The challenge is finding magnets that are A) strong enough and basically as strong as possible and B) the right size to fit where they need to. Luckily magnet sets don't cost much so I'll probably buy many sets, use the ones that work and store the ones I don't use. Has anyone tried and succeeded at this? Can anyone think of any possible issues I may not be considering? If this ends up working well I can think of a few other places where I might be able to make this method work with the right magnets too. As always, thanks for any time and knowledge that you can afford me!
  11. First of all, I know many people like to run their internal air cooling for silence. Yesterday I was trying out some of the RGB fans I got for my monster and I ran into a number of hiccups. The first fan I tried was a 120mm and only a single color, red. I installed it, and it's supposed to run at about 1200-2000 rpm. I couldn't get it up passed 1000 at least according to my fan controller, which it was hooked to (Tt Commander F6). Plus, it was only a single color, and not changeable. It barely moves any air if it is running at 1000 RPM. On the other hand, for internal lighting, I used the two light bars that came as part of this kit (click this kit to see it), and then I started thinking. One of the main issues I have with RGB fans is that yes they are RGB, but to be a programmable color they usually need a proprietary internal fan hub which means they can't be controlled with an external facing fan controller for speed adjustment. The RGB fans I've tried seem to almost always barely move any air. So, getting to the point, with the light-bar kit I referenced before, I can use those two light bars only from that kit, while using Noctua 3000RPM 140mm case fans for the rest of my internal air cooling so that I still have both light and performance. Those two light bars are fully programmable in many many ways and have a little controller that comes with them, they work very, very well. I feel like this is the perfect setup of light to performance ratio............ for me. 

  12. Yesterday I cleaned up a lot of internal wiring for the build with cable comes I ordered and received. Still needs work but it is definitely moving in the right direction. 

  13. Just our of curiosity since you mentioned that twice, why is it so important for you to be able to hear your cat? That's a quite random detail lol.
  14. All the while your PC overheats lol if I had a cat, I would NOT allow it to lay on top of my PC. To each his own. I still play at 3 AM with 3000 RPM fans by owning a Soundblaster Katana X...... and a house. Admittedly though, if you liquid cool your RAM, your CPU, your GPU, and any HDDs you have, you should be able to get by with virtually 0 case fans.
  15. Why do people always value silence over performance? Watching a movie takes virtually no performance from case fans. While gaming, crank those fans to high................... with a fan controller. All case fans with the exception of the fans attached to a liquid cooling radiator should be set up with the use of a fan controller so that you can have the selection between silence and performance. But pretty much silent fans sacrifice performance to be silent. I don't mean vibration or buzzing or anything but a 3000 RPM 140mm fan is going to be loud at full speed. But with a fan controller that fan can be adjusted to anywhere from 800 RPM, 400 RPM, 200 RPM, or even off. Do yourself justice and install a fan controller for the fans in your build. The Lamptron FC8 8 channel fan controller is a very very nice choice!
  16. Not a single computer shop anywhere around?
  17. Oh sweet! I see now! Yeah that will make it look a lot cleaner. Thanks guys!
  18. Ok, this is a slightly complicated question but I'll do my best to cover it. First, I have an Asus Strix 1080Ti card. That card takes two individual 8-pin power connections from the PSU. My PSU is a corsair AX1200i. It is a modular PSU and I have a custom braided red cabling kit compatible with the PSU. Here's the rub. My power cable for my GPU, is a single cable running from the power supply, to the GPU, that first connects into the GPU for the first 8, and then immediately splits off into another 8-pin split from that so I literally have to make a loop of cabling from the first connection to hit the second, and it leaves a very awkward and messy lump of cabling at the power connection to my GPU. I've seen very clean builds with braided cabling from the PSU where the cabling to the GPU appears to be two individual cables. Also in many GPU builds I see a card with power that is an 8-pin and then a 6-pin instead of 8 and 8. Sorry that the images aren't that great. The white cabling is an image I found. It clearly has a gpu power cable with 6 and 8. The red cabling is my GPU cabling. It's a single cable from the PSU that to be connected to the GPU has to be looped and folded and couldn't possible be cleaned up with cable combs. So, to the point, I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing to be able to do my GPU cabling in a way that's much more clean that this, and hoping someone can help. Sorry about the long-winded explanation. As always, I appreciate any time and wisdom that you can afford me. Thanks! Also, for the record, this is in fact a sneak peek of my build but despite how messy these peeks look I fully intend to organize my internal cabling to perfection (if I can figure out how to do that).
  19. Lights can still be on for parts without them functioning especially if the PSU is capping out on power, purely speculative though. Without having specific tools the real only thing to do would be to take it to a computer shop where they can test it and make sure it's working. If it is. maybe you need to get a higher level, but 750 also is a fair amount of power for a small build like this one.
  20. Would you care to name a monitor you would go with?
  21. The Witcher 3-Excellent. Forza Horizon 3-Excellent. The Sims3- Excellent. Stardew Valley-Excellent
  22. It's arguably one of the best PC game series on the planet. Subnautica-Excellent. Fallout4-Excellent. Skyrim SE-Excellent. No Man's Sky-Excellent. Just Cause 2-Excellent.