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  1. Just a little update. I ended up with a D-link AV2 1000, which does not give me full speeds. It's much much slower, but it's still better than WiFi. Even though my wiring should be brand new, it's probably being affected by something else. I'm not happy, but I just can't see any practical way of getting the cable to the room (and yes, drilling holes to my walls is not practical).
  2. Looks like I just have to try it. Thanks.
  3. I was just giving and example in case I chose wrong English wording for the thing. I just bought a new flat, so I don't want to make holes to the new walls. All the wiring should be brand new, so I thought I might get decent results. The thing is, between my current position and the router there are two walls. And those two walls drop my speed from around 200Mbps to around 70Mbps, which for me is significant difference.
  4. Hi, I would like to ask you, if any of you have any experience with these powerline adapters (internet over power cables, for example https://www.tp-link.com/en/home-networking/powerline/tl-pa4010p-kit/)? And if so, how is it? Is it reliable? Can you recommend any? Thank you.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking more about HW solution. Worst thing is that my personal laptop is little bit older and does not have USB C. I guess that would be much easier to solve. Anyone knows about KVM switch or something?
  6. Hmm, interesting, I have not thought about software solution. So, if I understand correctly - I would just connect my company's laptop to my network, then run Synergy on both? Would I be able to have my company's laptop screen on both of my monitors? (I will find more time to look into this in the evening) Few slight issues: - I would need to check my company's policy, whether they allow me to install such software - I would probably need a business licence, which would probably need my company involvement and that just raises questions like 'What do you need that' and such - For now, the laptops would be on WiFi, so I'm afraid, that it would not be not so smooth (it's not slow WiFi, but still... it's WiFi) - I really just need to use company laptop at that moment, So I guess I would be not taking full advantage of Synergy
  7. Hi, I'm about to move to a new flat and I finally decided to do some decent workbench. Now, I'll be using a laptop in a docking station, with two monitors, mouse, keyboard and audio connected (at least those). From time to time, I'll be working from home. Because of the company policy, I need to use my company's laptop. My personal laptop and company's laptop are completely different. To the question: What would be the easiest way to switch my personal laptop with the company's laptop, so I can still use my monitors and all the peripherals without disconnecting too many cables? I was thinking connecting all of my USB devices to a USB hub and routing just one cable. That still leaves me with two monitor cables. Also, this forces me to keep my cables little more loose and that breaks my idea of cable management. Any ideas? Thank you.