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  1. Hello all, Was looking at doing some general dust removal on my Pc when I noticed the print panel doesn't seem to have anany tabs, clips or buttons to pop it off safely. I don't really want to brute force my way into it for fear of snapping or shattering the tempered glass. If anyone knows the proper way to remove it, it would be of great help
  2. Card doesnt even want to click into other slot. The anchor doesn't flick up despite it being in place correct
  3. Connected,swapped twice and monitor swapped
  4. AMD Ryan 7 3700x gpu Asrock steel legend x570 MSi RTX 2080 ti gaming x trio Cooler master elite V3 600w (integrated to case) Corsair vengeance lpx 3200 mhz When powered up, all RGB turns on and all fans are on however, gpu post error light turns on and tgere all is no visual output to monitor. Both necessary 8 pin connectors are properly fitted into card, Card is plugged into PCIE slot 1 We have removed and put the battery back in twice, re seeded the gpu 7 to 10 times (no cap fr fr on god) Any help is appreciated
  5. Basicly I have corsair vengeance LPX 16gb (2 8gb sticks) 3200mhz. I saw bit was on auto and was only picking up 2666 so I changed it to 3200. Now when I turn on the pc the fans spin up, rub comes one. But I get a 3 long beep post error (Asrock x570 steel legend). I have removed and put the ram back in, taken the battery of the motherboard out and back in but still get the same error. Is there a way to fix this?