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  1. Just to thank you again, the bottom M.2 slot worked a treat.
  2. Perhaps I was being dramatic, the old M.2 just stopped working. No smoke or anything. The Bios update instructions say "do NOT recomend updating the BIOS if Pinnacle, Raven, Summit or Bristol Ridge" Its in the Top One. I did not know their was two M.2 on the motherboard, the bottom is well hidden. I will certainly give this a go! Thank you. Can you point to me how you know this compatability issue? Would like to avoid in future.
  3. Office PC Im running an Arock A320M Pro4 unfortunetly my old M.2 drive in it died. So I purchased the Western Digital M.2 2280 to replace it but its not being picked up by Windows Setup (or on the bios). Is there a compatability issue I have missed? It cant be drivers? as not showing up in bios. Bios version im on bios 6.00, cant do 6.10 as CPU is AMD Ryzen 5 2406. Which is raven, i think?. My old M.2 died. Perhaps its fried the M.2 socket somehow. Would love some help, as I am at a loss.