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  1. Damn. No I did not try a different cable. Could it be the monitor? The pc was turned on and was on the desktop but no connection with the monitor.
  2. Hello. I just built a new pc. The parts are: Ryzen 5 2600 g skill trident z 16 gb 3000mhz tomahawk max b450 msi gaming x gtx 1660 6gb Monitor: dell alienware aw2518hf I built this 1 week ago and had no problems. Yesterday I started my pc my monitor said no hdmi signal but my pc was turned on I just could see anything. I tried different ports on my monitor, plug the cable from the graphics card again but no luck. I pressed the reset button on my case and then it opened normally. Now today I opened my pc again and the same problem happened. I had to restart the pc for the monitor to work. What might be the problem to this ?
  3. Thank you for your reply. What would the best fan setup for this case be if I want to add more fans, or a liquid cooler?
  4. Hey guys. I am building a pc and I cannot decide what case to get. I am in between Nzxt H510 and Fractal Design Meshify C light tg. At the moment I only plan on using the stock fan configuration on both. My parts are: ryzen 5 2600 msi gaming x gtx 1660 g skil trident z rgb 16gb I know the Meshify C has a better airflow but I really like the design of the H510. Will the temperatures be bad on the h510 with just the stock fans and stock cpu cooler?
  5. Hello guys. I am looking to buy a monitor for my new pc. The specifications that I want are: At least 24 inches a good screen with nice colours (not for professional use, just esthetics) 144hz refresh rate (or at least 75hz or 60 if the screen and colours are really good) I plan on using the monitor mostly for work (music production), watching movies, and also gaming. Just casual gaming. I want to play gta v, fortnite, csgo. I have a gtx 1660 6gbIn my country, the options are very limited and the prices are much higher. I've come across these monitors so far but feel free to make any suggestions.BenQ Zowie XL2411P 24 inch 144Hz 310$DELL 24" S2419HGF 333$SAMSUNG 24" C24RG5 254$ASUS VG279Q 393$ASUS VG258Q 345$ AOC C24G1 264$Is any of these monitors worth it? If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks
  6. Hey guys so recently my monitor stopped working. First it started flickering then it turned off for a second every minute and then stopped completely. I unplugged my vga cable and plugged it back and the monitor turned on for a second then off again. It does that every time I plug the vga cable. I suppose this has something to do with the vga port. What might be the problem and is it worth fixing it? Thanks
  7. The corsair cx 550w is the cheapest but I was looking for a better quality on a psu.
  8. This is the non-modular version right?
  9. Hello guys. I am building a pc this week but I have not found a psu yet. My parts are: Ryzen 5 2600 Tomahawk b450 Max (non-max was not available) g skill trident z rgb 16 GB 3000mhz Gtx 1660 ti I live in Albania where the prices are higher and not so many options. The psu's that are available are: Corsair Cxm 550W & corsair cx550W Seasonic focus plus gold 650W or 550w corsair rmx 550W Evga g3 supernova 650W gold For this build 550w should be enough but I want a good quality psu. What is your suggestions? ps. Price is not a factor