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  1. Thank you. Too bad I didn't know that before.
  2. Hi, I got the H510 case, with the front panel cables (usb c included). Now I also got the B450M-A PRO MAX motherboard. Does this motherboard actually support front panel USB C? I cant find it. Thanks
  3. Anyone know's why would 1950x be better than the 8700k, but 3700x (cheaper than 1950x), would be better than 8700k? Here is the linus video
  4. I found 1070 8GB for 190USD used one, so I will try to get that into my budget somehow
  5. I wish the pricing is the same in my country. Here only the CPU is 40$ more. But will see at the end how much market will take money from my pockets. I will go with the 32GB RAM 3600 with 16GB per slot
  6. I didn't played games for years, so that is not in my focus. I would say it would be good to be supported by the adobe as I do use premiere pro, after effetcs (but not everyday), lightroom, photoshop
  7. Which gpu would you recommend (looking for the ones that are not crazy expensive, but still usable for this setup)
  8. Ok, I just checked linus video about 3700x and saw it's even better than the i9 9900k, which is more than enough for me, to move from initial idea of going with intel, to use AMD. Now since I never used AMD, the question would be, which motherboard and ram would be good? Can I still use PSU corsair tx 750w or I need to use something else? Many thanks for all of you, who helped me
  9. I would say getting m.2 970 EVO Plus is not a big deal, as I would still have to get ssd in any way. 250GB in my country costs 72.22 USD, so that's fine. The biggest question now is if the 8700k OC vs 3700x in the video editing (where multi thread metter), photo editing (where single cpu matter) + everyday things (where I think both cpu are good enough and wont matter)
  10. I did check out for the 3700X, but it looks like they are the same price. So I was thinking maybe it's still better to get intel and do the OC. Which ssd, case and psu would you recommend for this setup? I do have some old psu corsair tx 750w which I am not sure if its good for this setup? I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  11. Hi everyone, I plan to get a new pc in next few days, so I will present you what I have been planning to get (with the prices I can get), and I would like you to look if that is best for the money, or something else 1. INTEL Core i7-8700K 3.70GHz 1151 300 BOX - 383.372. ASROCK Z390 Extreme 4 - 183.35 USD3. 2x16GB G.SKILL 16GB Trident Z RGB DDR4 3600MHz (total 32GB) - 133.34 USD So these are the main components I want to get, with some case, cooling system etc. I live in europe, so the pricing is a bit different than in the US. Do you think this is okay setup for the money or to get something else? What I am going to do on the system is video editing, photo editing + programming and other not so cpu consuming things. Please also suggest me some cooling system, which is not so expensive but still okay. I would try to OC the cpu to 5.0 as it seems that is something everyone does. Currently I did all these things on old laptop with i7 3630qm, which was slow and it is time to upgrade. I did see the AMD is become better in the last time, but still it is too expensive in the europe, plus I don't thing that would bring me too much for now. Thank you