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  1. Very chances you have tried the following, but in case you didn't: 1) Update Graphic Card drivers. 2) Change Power plan to High Performance. ?
  2. I can't shut down my laptop (Win10), and it keeps on restarting itself. My laptop gets restarted automatically after I press the shut down option. I have to use the power button to turn off. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem? Something I tried following other's advice (however, with no luck to help): 1. Right-click the Windows button and select File Explorer Click Properties àAdvanced system settings Click Settings for Startup and Recovery and uncheck Automatically restart. Click OK 2. Press Win+R, and type in: msconfig and click OK Click Diagnostic startup on the pop-up panel and then press OK After the relaunching of system, re-enter the system configuration interface. Click the service, tick hidden all Microsoft services and other options that need launch with the start-up of the system, and then click OK.
  3. Could you go control panel --> Hardware and Sound and find Bluetooth Keyboard? If there is Bluetooth Keyboard, you can right-click it and hit service-->tick HID.
  4. Yeah, see their notice. Thanks for reminding me. It currently works with no problem. But maybe, someday, I will uninstall it.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I downloaded it, and it works well. Haha
  6. There are many free options that can help you cut and add slow motion effects. 1. If you are running windows, then Windows Movie Maker offered by Microsoft can be the best bet. It enables you to cut, trim, rotate, add transitions/music/voice overlay/subtitles, as well change playback speed. (It is discontinued, so you need to download it on your own if you are running win 8/10, see how to get back windows movie maker 2. If you need a video editor that works well on Mac, don't hesitate to use iMovie. It is totally free, and comes with very completet and powerful editing toolkit. 3. Open-source programs like FFmepg( it is a little hard to use for newbie), Openshot, and Shotcut. All can get the job done. They are relatively simple to use (compare to Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinchi Resolve and other commercial editors), but still comes with many useful and advanced functions. Add: DaVinchi Resolve 16 is amazing!!! And its free.
  7. It could be related to: 1. Graphics card and graphics driver don't meet the requirements of Premiere Pro Whether a frame can be processed by Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration depends on the size of the frame and the amount of RAM on the graphics card (VRAM). Adobe officially claims that it requires a GPU of 2GB VRAM at least, and it is better to have 4GB VRAM. As for graphics card, if it’s too old, it may not support Premiere Pro any more. For instance, Premiere Pro CC 2019 uses CUDA 9.2 are not supported in the NVIDIA driver from 2017. 2. The Graphics card hasn't been detected by Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro is set to enable built-in CPU acceleration. You need to activate GPU acceleration manually. Before you choose Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration, Premiere Pro will detect and recognize the GPU on your computer. Once it fails, there are no chances to enable GPU acceleration. 3. The GPU does not speed up all processes. GPU acceleration works in real-time preview and export rendering, which means it won't speed up video processing from the very beginning to the end. So if you see that GPU usage is lower, don't worry, it is just the proper rest time.
  8. A used noise cancelling headphones - Bose QC20
  9. After turning the Windows Update off, go to Recovery, and change the value in the First failure to Take No Action.
  10. Uhm, I didn't pay a penny for the update. Think this will also work for you. Free update Windows 10 with Windows 7 license key.
  11. I happen to say this error on Superuser. "It appears to be a bug in the thumbnail code for Windows. I've used IconExtract to review the icons in notepad.exe and don't see any problem within them. The code that renders the thumbnail inside the folder image appears to have a bug. I'm not sure what other answers to provide." .