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  1. So I just moved to a new apartment an unfortunately there is no Ethernet port in my bedroom for my PC. I have bell fibre with 1 gigabit down and 750 MBS up. I’m just wondering if a powerline adapter will offer a more “stable” connection vs WIFI. I don’t care to get as close to the speeds said above but I am just want the connection that will be most stable and with the least disconnects/downtime. Thanks!
  2. yeah Im not going return it unless I have valid reason, Im not gonna try and blame him for my lack of research done. If within the 30 days there is a problem I will go from there
  3. question, he did state that it is undervolted and im just wondering do I leave it undervolted or do bring it back to original settings?
  4. I could not find any 1070 for under $270 so I thought it was a good deal and new 1660 super at the moment go for over $320 so I figured $50 saving after the fact was a good deal
  5. yeah I regret buying the card, initial plan was to get a 1660 super until I asked BuildaPC reddit and they told to get the 1070, im stuck with the card but i guess as long as it works im happy
  6. damn it, everyone on build a pc reddit told to get the 1070 for that price, that is why i picked it i was going to get the 1660 super before that
  7. okay, is there anything I should look for on the card like physically to see for damages?
  8. As the title suggests I bought a used 1070 on ebay for $270 CAD, the description of the card said that "Used approx. 2 years. Pulled from working system. Includes original box as photographed" I contacted the seller about warranty and stuff and since the seller had done a bunch of selling and good reviews I figured it was a good deal. After I bought the card the seller would not reply to my messages and I had to make an inquiry on another card he had with a different account. This is where I learned that these cards were mining cards and the whole "pulled from a working system" was just him testing the card on a working system and not actually being used in that system. I know this is my fault for not doing more research and stuff but how worried should I be about this card? he states that undervolts the cards and didnt use a special bios for the cards. Also, does this give me justification to ask for a return? or am I stuck with the card? Thanks!
  9. yeah I just orded the msi mobo, it seems to be better overall
  10. Hey so I building a mini ITX pc, im looking at these two mobo to pair with my R5 1600 as these are the only mobo I can find in my area and are the same price. I am not looking to overclock my CPU or anything. I am looking at the MSI because I have used its bios before and I have trouble with Gigabyte RGB software? (No RGB in my build so will I need the software?) I am looking at the gigabyte because it seems to look better and has an extra M.2 Slot. Which mobo is better overall? thanks
  11. yeah it seems there is no AF model
  12. Where Can I get the 1600 AF chip?
  13. So I am building a mini itx system for my partner and I am torn for what CPU to get. She wants to play games but is also a photographer so she will want to use programs like photoshop and video editing software. I can get a used ryzen 5 1600 for $100 CAD or a brand new R5 2600 for $160 at my local memory express. I am just wondering which CPU will be best for my use case? Thanks!