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  1. The HDMI traces don't connect directly to the GPU die so a GPU has seperate control chips for HDMI and Displayport and all those things, which means that if those control chips died then technically the GPU could work fine but without being able to output an image.
  2. I've always wondered this. What happens if you plug two monitors in the PC, one in the motherboard and one in the GPU, and then opened a game and dragged it across the monitors? Well it turns out it just uses whatever GPU you first opened the game on. In the video below, I opened Fornite (cringe, i know) on the left monitor which was hooked up to the RX 570 and then dragged it to the right monitor which was plugged into the iGPU and it kept running at the same framerate. I then unplugged the monitor from the GPU and even though the remaining monitor was plugged into the motherboard, it kept running at the same framerate. Linus made a video where he used Mining-made GPU's for gaming by using a little trick to feed the GPU's output to the motherboard, but I guess this is just built into- and used by Windows by default? If so, does anybody know how this could be manually turned on? This would be really useful for someone who has a GPU that works but just can't output an image on its own ports. 20200316_231233_1_1.mp4
  3. Under 250 you're not gonna find anything that has VRMs decent enough for a 3950x
  4. 4930k is for the 2011 socket so you would also need a new motherboard.
  5. Just put the drive in the new system and it should install the appropriate chipset drivers automatically (assuming it's connected to internet).
  6. Perhaps it is just overheating? CPUs have a really small failure rate so if anything, the motherboard itself might be fucked. In that case you can go ahead and chuck the laptop in the bin and buy a new one.
  7. 160 usd seems a bit much for a 1080p panel. 27 inch could be fine, but it depends on how big your desk is etc.
  8. Boot into safe mode and uninstall the gpu drivers. Of it won't even go into safe mode, wipe the drive and reinstall windows. If you can't get into the OS at all, then there's no way to uninstall bad drivers.
  9. Everything should work yes. Cooling is fine as it is, best you can do is buy a batter case that either looks cool or has good airflow, and perhaps add a harddrive.
  10. I guess liquid metal is the only solution that is left.
  11. Should be fine but I recommend you upgrad to the ryzen 2600.