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  1. programming . and aim is to be a software developer
  2. mentioned I am a student
  3. Actually I am not a software developer right now, thinking of future I said about android apps development. I am looking for Acer nitro series pcs .. is it ok? or which one will be best alternatives ?
  4. I am a student of computer science. I want to be a software developer in future. so that i want to work from now to build my career. as far i know to be a software developer i have to learn programming,so what should i do? do problem solving ? or learn language for build up real life project? and which language will be great? i have a little idea on c and java (not much)
  5. I am looking for a new laptop to buy . but i am little bit confused which to buy or which one will be perfect for me. i will use it for programming stuff and developing android apps, multitasking etc. budget : $900-$1000(USD) OS : free dos weight : less than 2.5kg will be great