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  1. It is it’s a 120GB SSD I don’t really know what else to say
  2. Hey guys I decided to start fresh and download my windows on my ssd instead of a hard drive and while doing this I just can’t seem to get windows to download and boot. I am using windows media creation tool and it goes through the whole process but when I take out the usb drive it goes back to my bios and there is no sign of any windows that had been installed on my ssd. Someone please help thanks.
  3. It was used but I put it in my friends pc and it ran fine
  4. Yes I have it I think I am going to do a complete refresh to help move windows to my ssd and to clear all my crap
  5. PC doesn't output to monitor.


    I applied a 200 mhz overclock using ASUS GPUTweakII to my Zotac RTX 2060 super AMP extreme and increased voltage accordingly. The computer crashed so I turned it off and on again, however it didn't output whatsoever. I cleared cmos and tried again but it still was a blank screen. I originally thought I had fried the card so I tried using my old GTX 1060 and it was still a black screen. My motherboard does not have inbuilt graphics so I can’t do anything in the BIOS. I am completely stuck on what to do.

    1. Ehensel34


      Dude I honestly have no idea what to do I am sorry that this happened but I do not have any idea what to do.

  6. how can I tell that it is and how do I clean every drive so that I can refresh it?
  7. Hmmmmmm I did not I also can't do a new install due to me missing my activation code for windows I lost it.
  8. I have a strix 1070
  9. Hey everyone I am at a loss right now. A while back I bought a 1070 to replace my 1060 and after I installed it I noticed lower performance in games. Like Minecraft I would struggle to get above 60 and in 7 Days to Die I can't get to 60 either on medium settings. Overall on every game I feel like I am not getting the frames I should for a 1070. My specs are a ryzen 5 1600 16 gb of trident z 3200. Could anyone please help me with my issue. Also I have tested my GPU in my friends pc and it ran fine.