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  1. Pretty much. I backed that product in 2014, which was way before I heard of Tile. But that kickstarter is definitely why I use Tiles now.
  2. Sorry I didnt get the reply notifications. I ended up going with Acer Aspire 5 for $324 USD and got her and ergo wireless mouse. She started classes a week ago and loves the setup. She had bought a Chromebook not knowing that she couldn't install office 365 (which she gets thru her school). So we returned it and everything is all good. The only thing we had to do was change it from windows S mode to windows 10 home, which was free. Thanks everyone!
  3. As an avid kickstarter fan, I can easily think of two: First is the Stonetether. Turned out to be a huge con. And 2nd is Canon Busters. Lesean Thomas made a lot of promises, took our money, sold it to netflix made millions and still hasnt given us shit. I lost a lot of respect for him and cannot support anything he does anymore.
  4. My aunt is going back to school and I want to get her a solid laptop for under $500. She will not be gaming or anything like that. It will be for school and she has MS so the ergonomics of the keyboard and trackpad are pretty important. I have a Surface Laptop, but she doesn't like the lack of ports (understandable). I am leaning towards the Acer Aspire E15 or the Lenovo IdeaPad 330S.