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  1. Yea might wait a little while to see if somebody rolls in to the thread if not I'll message the support team at Invision because I wasn't sure that website seemed legit which is why I didn't want it downloading to my computer
  2. Will have a look at it thanks! And when I download it will it go straight to the Invision admin panel or do I have to download it to my computer?
  3. I managed to do one in the forum that I'm creating but it had the About Me text above it and I don't want the About Me text with it I just want the badge and the title
  4. I'm using the same one. I'm trialing out the demo of this forum because when I start work again I'm going to use some of the money towards our community forum. Cheers, Tom
  5. Not to sure where to post this (so please correct me) but here goes, I have been seeing this thing that a lot of people have like Admins and Moderators which are badges of sorts, and was wondering how you add them to a forum as me and my friend are setting up a company and are wanting to make a community forum and I have made badges but don't know how to have them appearing like they do in this forum for admins and moderators. Example: Cheers, Tom
  6. So with a cheaper motherboard I'll still be able todo things like gaming, video editing, vfx and game design etc.?
  7. Do you think everything else in the PC then is good? Apart from the water cooler?
  8. Is that the right thing to have done then? Like do I just wait for it to be moved now?
  9. I already reported it and asked for it to be moved to the correct sub-forum
  10. Thanks! I changed it but at the moment I'm currently trying to find out what I can lower the cost of without loosing quality in gaming because I'm trying to keep within my £1.5k limit for the PC itself (minus the monitor) so I can have a better cooler but still have good quality graphics etc.
  11. Am I correct in thinking that the PSU is the processing unit? (not good yet with short hand terminology) but also if I should go for a better cooler I want to find a way to keep the same PSU and a better water cooler whilst still being able to keep inside the 2k price limit (bearing in mind I want 2k to be with the monitor, which I'm allowing myself £300 for so roughly £1.5k for the build.).
  12. Yea It's going for £12 It's one of the cheaper coolers that are there in the PC specialist build site. It's currently not available tho as it will be back on the 9th of January but am in no rush as I'm not buying a gaming pc straight away still need to look at the right plan for me in terms of costs and how I would go about pricing.
  13. I can't really link to it but if you want I can include the individual links, like I tried to copy the custom pc link that I had into google chrome from safari and it would just take me to the default template but I can link all the stuff if needs be.
  14. Can I just move the post there without having to write it again?
  15. Hey Guys, I've been looking at getting a new PC for a while and have asked a lot of my gaming friends on thoughts about the current pc build that I'm looking at from PC Specialist in the UK (As I'm from the UK). I'm looking for the following: I'm looking to spend around about 2k (including monitor but excluding keyboard and mouse as I already have those) Looking for a decent build (preferably with pc specialist or any other company that does good pricing in the UK) that can handle game development, gaming and music creation and VFX with the use of apps such as unreal engine, maya 3d, after effects I am also looking for something that would be able to run decent games in high graphics. I usually tend to play games such as Arma or GTA V etc. What do I currently have? I currently have the following laptop: Macbook Pro (15-inch, 2017) Processor 2.9 Ghz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Graphics Radeon Pro 560 4 GB intel HD Graphics 630 1436 MB I use this laptop mostly for notetaking and editing with Premiere as I am looking to enter the world of short film editing but have also stated learning Unreal Engine and have been interested in gaming and VFX for a while but have noticed that when there's big project file sizes that my mac fan starts to whirl like crazy which I'm guessing can't be a good sign. I've included bellow a picture of the specs that I intend to go for should I buy a gaming pc but am obviously open to changes that could better it and keep it under the 2k mark. I have also included the picture for the monitor separately. PC Build Case: PC Specs Power and Cooling: WIFI, OS and extras: Thanks a lot in advance for all your help guys! Tom