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  1. Oh, well, you're right, I didn't think about that. However, the TX550M non-modular cables are long enough for an ATX case?
  2. Oh, so there is no problem at all (I don't understand at this point why the creation of the full modular PSU when you however need to always link those two cables). I think I will chose the TX550M, thank you all.
  3. So I always need to link those two cable, am I right? The only thing I prefer of the 550 B3 is the Gold Certification and there is another characteristics that I can't find anymore, but was interesting about this PSU
  4. Yes, I mean EVGA B3. I didn't see that the automatic corrector of my keyboard changed "B3" in "BE" every time i wrote it. However i don't care about full modularity, but the TX has all type of protection (OVP, OPP, OCP, ecc.)? Also, the non-modular cable are the 20pin and the 4pin?
  5. This is the 550 B3: https://www.amazon.it/EVGA-Garanzia-Compatto-Alimentazione-220-B3-0550-V2/dp/B071FC7SH5/
  6. I need to take a PSU for my new build, 550W is enough, so I saw interesting PSUs and the better I found are those 4: Corsair CX550M Corsair Vengeance 550M Corsair TX550M Evga 550 B3 Between those PSU, I found that the CX550M has the japanese electrolytic capacitors and I also found that the Vengeance model is slightly better than the CX and has the same Japanese capacitors. Also, there is the TX model, that I read that is most powerful than the CX and the Vengeance with full Japanese capacitors, so I think is the most powerful above all 3 Corsair PSU. Am I right? At last, I have the EVGA 550 B3, that I found is a powerful modular PSU and has a unique characteristic that I don't remember. What do you think should i choose? The Corsair TX550M or the EVGA 550 B3 (I found them at the same prize, so the cost isn't a matter)?
  7. So I will be fine with both RX 570 and GTX 1650S? Thank you
  8. Ok, I will later look about it, in the future I will add more RAM and probably a new SSD as you suggests. However, I have a questions, if I do video editing, I can be sure that the preview is 720p or higher and is fluid with Premiere / Vegas (for both RX 570 and GTX 1650S)? Also, those 2 programs, and others like AutoCAD, are totally compatible with my GPU? Because I heard that some GPU aren't supported by specific programs, can I be sure that mine will be? Also, if in the future I want to overclock CPU / GPU i'll need a new motherboard or this one is enough?
  9. Ok thanks. So, except from the GPU and the PSU, everything else is ok?
  10. You searched it on Italian Amazon, thank you. I'll consider it.
  11. Not so much editing video, but I want a fluid preview when i edit, if possible a 720/1080p preview. A question, can I use the hardware acceleration with Vegas (I'll use primary it)? Is RX 570 supported by Premiere / Vegas?