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  1. Hi Guys I'm a proud owner of Surface Pro 6 (i5 8th Gen/128GB with type cover and pen) which I got as a replacement of SP4 - Thanks to flickergate ;) . I mostly use it for watching videos and for reading purpose (knowing I can go much further than this).Being a software engineer, I use my old HP Pavilion 15 (i5 6th Gen dual core/8 GB/2 GB Geforce 940MX) for programming purpose and rarely casual gaming (got a gaming pc for this). Since this laptop is now over 3 years old and given the fact that SP6 is much more powerful than this, I'm considering a new laptop.Right now I have only HP in my mind (family's 6th HP laptop) and I'm little confused between a mediocre gaming laptop or HP Envy 13(AQ1019TX).Can you guys please let me know your thoughts - Should I get Envy 13 (or something similar) even after owning SP6 or go for a little powerful but bulky machine.I won't be doing any serious gaming on the laptop and I want it to be a bit future proof (should at least last for 3-4 years or so) - Will be mainly using it for a couple of IDEs. At the price of Envy 13, I can easily get a mid-high spec gaming laptop with Core i7 and GTX1650.Any suggestion will be helpful! Thanks in advance and a happy new year!!