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  1. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate how helpful this forum is being. I wonder if it's because LTT is Canadian that the canadian niceness energy is infusing throughout the forum? Ahaha
  2. Bump! Hoping to hear from a few more Ryzen x570 mobo owners before I pull the trigger on this. The videos on youtube got me shook.
  3. Perhaps. I still want to know how people are finding the chipset fans' volume though. Do you have an x570 board? How do you find it?
  4. I could but if I don't have to, I'd rather get PCIe 4 for future proofing. I tend to keep computers for 10 years or so.
  5. Hey all. TL;DR I'm asking you, all the Ryzen 3000 owners with x570 motherboards... how loud is the chipset fan really, in 2020, after several bios updates. Is it still whining like a baby after all the bios updates of the last 6 months? Under what conditions does it get whiny and loud? Does a PCIe 4 m.2 drive work the chipset harder, and thus heat it more, and thus make the fan louder? Please help ya boy. FULL I'm building my first new PC in 10 years. Yes, I'm still running a 2600k! I saved and saved and I'm finally ready to lay down my hard earned cash for something new. Exciting! I was going to build a Ryzen system, but I keep reading about (and seeing videos demonstrating) noisy chipset fans. I use my computer to record music and to podcast, so a quiet system is a MUST. My current case and fan config is about 30(ish) db at 10cm. Not bad at all. But I'm seeing videos online of people's chipset fans whining at high frequency, reading reddit posts of people saying they can't mask the sound or compensate for it with cases designed to reduce or dampen sound, and that the fan curves in BIOS are no help. Admittedly, many of these posts are from 6-4 months ago. I can't find anything since then, and I'm wondering if BIOS updates have more or less resolved the problem. And then, if the BIOS has changed fan behavior, does the fan still rev up to max speed and whine like a baby sometimes? And under what conditions? I've read that using a PCIe 4 nvme m.2 drive would run the chipset hardest and lead to most head, so would a non PCIe v4 m.2 drive be better? Aorus Master and Asrock Taichi seem to be particularly bad for fan noise, according to numerous posts and reviews. Is that still the case? Not looking to know whether the sound "bugs" you. What may bug one person may not bug another. I just want to know, can you hear it audibly, is it cutting through your case fans or CPU cooler as a clear, separate sound? Thank you all in advance, you people are the best. Love you all, happy 2020