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  1. Sorry, I meant general performance, not temperature. I've edited my previous post.
  2. I should have made it a bit more clear, I meant general performance, not the temperature rating. I assume ripple suppression and other electrical performance where the PX is better than the Ion+ would only show up in testing, and would not improve real world usage in any way?
  3. Would the performance difference between the two be noticeable in any way? In OC stability perhaps?
  4. Any reason why in particular? Besides the noise.
  5. Thank you for the insight. Between then FD Ion+ plat 660w and the new Focus PX 650w, which one would you recommend? I like that the Ion+ runs quieter, but the high inrush current at 230V worries me, which is why I'm leaning towards the PX.
  6. Since the GX and PX are minor refreshes, wouldn't it make more sense to tier them together with the Focus Plus? Or were the compatibility issues and shutdowns completely resolved with the new series?
  7. Why are the Seasonic Focus Plus series not on the list? Is it cause they're being replaced by the GX/PX series? Did the focus plus units sit in A tier before being replaced?
  8. How much inrush current is safe? Also, will it be damaging the power supply or the breakers and fuses of the home itself?
  9. The RM850x (2018) inrush current measured by Kitguru is almost twice as high as measured by Tom'sHardware - both at 115V and 230V. When trying to go to Kitgurus methodology for measuring inrush current, you'll receive a 404. I also noticed a large amount of similarities between the text on the two reviews. What gives?