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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Why would I get less quality with extensions+cable with capacitor compared to only using cable without capacitor? Wouldn't the extension+cable be somewhat better than having no capacitor at all.
  2. I'm confused, without capacitor 20% and with is 15%? Are you saying I get less improvement with capacitors?
  3. Maybe I didn't word it correctly but I meant to say was do I still get the same benefit using original cable vs extension+original.
  4. I am thinking of getting an extension kit and was wondering if I would still get the same benefit of reduced ripple and noise etc... using extensions with the original cables to just using the original cables. I read that you get less performance the further the capacitor is from the connector. Is there any cons using extension and according to cablemod they're compatible with all psu is that true? CPU: Ryzen 2600x Motherboard: Asus x470 gaming-f GPU: EVGA 1070ti Ram:16gb g.skill PSU: corsair RM850x
  5. I just tried this and still same issue. I'm able to boot into a clean windows install with no drivers but when I try to download amd gpu drivers and install it just goes black screen again. It kind of looks like whenever you update your gpu driver the screen refreshes and goes black and then back but for me it stays black. Oh, no. That would be crazy lol
  6. I factory reset my pc so that should have reset the oc on my gpu. Every time I try installing the gpu drivers the screen just goes black and I can't do anything.
  7. Yes, I can boot into bios and i also get to the windows factory reset screen where you see all the drives etc... but once windows finish setting up and I get to the desktop and windows finds and installs my drivers it just goes straight to a black screen. Stock is 900mhz and memory 1200mhz so I only increased core cook by 20 and memory by 100
  8. I was playing a game, then my pc suddenly showed a bunch of vertical grey lines and crashed. When I restarted my pc, I see the blue windows logo and then it just shows a black screen and I can't do anything. I can boot into bios and see the screen and was even able to factory reset and get into desktop with nothing installed, but once windows installs the drivers my screen immediately goes black and stays like that even when I reboot. In the device manager I see that it's using Microsoft basic display adapter drivers and when I try to install amd drivers it goes black. I did OC the gpu core clock 900 to 920mhz and memory 1200 to 1300mhz and also the power limit to 5%. I never touched the voltage. I have gotten the grey vertical lines before due to unstable oc but was able to reboot fine but this time it just stays on a black screen. This is an old pc and I had it for years and never had any issue with it until now. Things I tried so far: Replugging gpu, cables Factory reset windows Plugging gpu into a different slot Resetting cmos OS: Windows 10MOBO: MSI 970A-G43CPU: AMD FX 4300 RAM:8 GBGPU: MSI Radeon HD 7850PSU: Corsair 600w