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  1. I don’t know though I’m just upset because even in csgo I get big dips from 290 to 144 and it’s like why even in siege at the beginning of the second match it will run constant 150-170 it’s weird most my games are doing it
  2. Also is it normal for most games to have cpu and gpu running at those percents
  3. I play on ultra 1080p and after watching benchmarks seems everyone else gets 190-240 constant
  4. I’ve done this 3 times and no one can seem to help me even the company I bought from I have a rtx 2070 super i7 9700F 16gb of ram 600w psu And 144hz monitor and my games a running weird rainbow six siege runs at 200 FPS normal right but gpu 60-70 percent 80-90 cpu then after the first match it will start acting weird I will get dips into the 150 for no reason then it will stay like that for a bit then shoot back up I have messed with the nvidia control panel power options made sure it was on max performance went to control panel went from balanced to high performance went back to balance made sure pci power saver was off this isn’t only rainbow it’s all my games are doing this 60-70 percent gpu even csgo was dipping from 290 to 144 I’ve uninstalled gpu driver re installed my cpu temps are at 50-60 and gpu at 70-80 I don’t know what’s wrong I’ve been trying to figure it out for 2 weeks now and it’s making me very upset can someone please help
  5. I did make sure my drivers where updated but idk I wasn’t sure if I like maybe did set something up right or
  6. And if it does hit 100 percent what could be the problem with the games then
  7. I mean I looked at it once in task manger and it was up at 4.5 ghz I mean even at one point while I was playing The cpu went to 100 percent which is crazy
  8. Insurgency sandstorm, he’ll let loose and rising storm 2 Vietnam
  9. I’ve played insurgency sandstone which isn’t too optimized he’ll let loose and rising storm 2 Vietnam played at 1080p there’s only two ram slots both are 8gb ram sticks
  10. Hey so just got a new pc big upgrades from my last my specs are i7 9700F rtx 2070 super 600 watt psu 16 gb ram I booted up some games test it out and I’m getting 40-50 percent gpu and 70-80 percent cpu I am super confused why I went into nvidia control panel switched to high performance even went to the regular control panel and went to balanced and made sure pci express was power saver was off I’m really confused and need help
  11. So I ordered I new computer a i7 9700F with a rtx 2070 super I don’t know a lot about the f I know you can’t Overclock it and you need a gpu for it to work what makes me skeptical about it is it’s 3.0 ghz 4.6 turbo and the k version is 3.6 4.8 turbo how much will this make a difference will it hurt performance?