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  1. Right, very well put. The docs generated for the api (exist or not) are not what I'm looking for, I understand what they do - and if they did exist clearly there would be an api available. Swagger / OpenAPI is ideal docs for it, but I guess that would be the follow up question to - does the information exist in some programmable way. As for some of the google sheets that I've seen, for example the community ranking of builds on 3DMark, I've found posts to this forum that have links to google sheets. Which would not be easily scriptable. I guess I've probably phrased this pretty wrong, sorry about that, but I'm really wondering is the data from LTT available to the public and if so in what format. Also as for the forum I could look into that. My concern with that is, I've just missed the information somewhere Duplication of work Wrong or limited information Essentially if the backend the forum is communicating to doesn't store the info in a procedural way then its likely not the BE i'm looking for. It could be managing forum data and not actually serving up data for specs, fps, etc.
  2. Hi All, Curious if theres an API, or standard way to get information. I'm a software engineer / devops / ... / I write code - and I actually get a lot of questions towards computers in general - but also alot about gaming and building a computer. Shocker I know. I've seen google sheets on occasion but am wondering about: is the Structure the same? is there a naming structure I'm really looking for a way to automate some of the FAQs towards building gaming computers. I saw this post which sounds like there was maybe going to be an api and curious whats happened. - Ben --- Also happy holidays