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  1. @HanZie82 Hey I just checked, Im not sure where to find this. Can you show me to it?
  2. How do I stop the notification from below popping up every hour without actually doing the update? I stream and its annoying when this pops up, any help will be nice.
  3. Hey, I recently rebuilt my entire rig, I installed a fresh set of windows onto my new SSD. My HDD is now my second drive for games and old files I need to access. It has alot of applications on there but I dont want to make shortcuts for them. They don't even show up in the search bar. So is there a way to make them show up in the search bar?
  4. This EVGA 500w Power Supply has its 24pin cable split into 20+4 and I have no idea how to put it in. Please help because I am building it right now! Have attached photos
  5. @miniboisI was talking about both of them, thank you very much. I am surprised no one really mentions that in you tube tutorial videos. Its now annoyed me that I have to further delay my build . Thanks though
  6. I seated the CPU correctly and tugged on it to make sure it was, I put the retention bracket over it and lowered the arm, there was alot of pressure but from YouTube videos I knew that should be there so I kept going. I installed it properly but had my doubts about the cpu so I took it out and it had 2 small dents on either side of the cpu. Is this normal, I've read online on some other forms and it has happened to other people aswell. The motherboard is the: ASROCK H310CM-HDV, 1151, MATX, 2 DDR4, DVI, VGA, HDMI, GB LAN I will attach a photo but it is not the best quality. I have already returned it but need to know if it is normal please. I should also add that the cpu bracket that goes over it has 2 notches that stick out on either side making this dent so is it on purpose?
  7. I touched the motherboard CPU socket pins very lightly by accident, will it still work or is it worth just buying a new motherboard? It's the: ASROCK H310CM-HDV, 1151, MATX, 2 DDR4, DVI, VGA, HDMI, GB LAN
  8. Does it affect drivers if there are some installed on both hard drives? @StangMan363
  9. Thank you for your help! @StangMan363
  10. What will show up on my old drive? I am building a PC with windows installed on the SSD, after everything is configured I will plug in my HDD from my previous build that has other programs and files on it. My only question is that will everything show because the HDD also has windows installed on it but wont be booted from that one. I just need to make sure I am not running into a mistake here, thanks in advanced.
  11. I ran a GTX 1050TI Zotac Mini with a i5-3400 before with 8gb of ram and it had little to no bottle necking? Keep in mind I had a decent stable overclock on my one though. But wait for others opinions and replies on this though!
  12. Dual Fan vs Single Fan graphic cards. Which is better? I am purchasing a GTX 1660 Super and I can pick between a single fan card or a dual fan card? What are the Pros and Cons of each ones? Also does a single fan card produce more noise? Thank you for your answers in advanced.
  13. I am purchasing a GTX 1660 Super and have the option to go for a overclocked one for a bit more money. But is it worth it? Does it make a bigger difference to if I was to do the overclocking myself on the normal card? Like is there a super big difference in performance? If you need links for the cards I will post if needed. Need help as soon as possible please, I appreciate all responses.
  14. Just make sure to have stand offs in the best places possible and where its most needed. Having a few in the corners/around and some in the middle should be fine, just make sure it does not flex etc
  15. What happens if I use two hard drives that both have an OS on them? I am building a new PC with an SSD that will have windows on it, I am going to use my old hard drive for my old games etc, will it be okay if it boot the first time with the ssd and the 2nd time with the hard drive but in the bios the hdd is not in the boot sequence. (both have windows installed)