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  1. ok because i might just keep it for now and get enough money to get something thats better like the CX450 or something different
  2. ight ima try and get a return on that power supply and pick up the CX450.. but if worst comes to worst could i still use the power supply or is it just a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any moment?
  3. So i should just ditch the power supply and get the Corsair CX450 and i should be fine with a rx 570?
  4. So you think its gonna burn my house down or maybe in the future?? LMAO
  5. It is great for the price but wouldnt I need something a little more like a 500w or more??
  6. So I bought a Rosewill ARC 550w for a system that is relativly on the budget side with a ryzen 3 3200g, 8 gb ram and a rx 570. You think im good and will be fine with this psu or should i return and get something else cuz im on a budget so i cant really spend over $50 on one since i bought my pc.