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  1. No I haven't yet. That's seems like a good idea so I'm going to do that (remove battery) but if that don't work I'm getting a pc repair person to take a look at it. Idk why I'm not paranoid but I don't want to tamper with it anymore. Idk what you mean about contacting the manufacture about sorry so I haven't yet.
  2. I still can't get it to boot. I've tried removing the battery and waiting but nothing happened. I've also tried clearing cmos. My motherboard manual says to use a metal screwdriver to short the pins so I did that. I kept trying by turning the system on and off through the psu and unplugging the cable so I'm not just pressing the power button on the case. One time the orange light went off but the VGA and BOOT light went on. Nothing happened but I thought I'd document the changes.
  3. I've put in one at a time but it still won't load. I've checked the display port and it's all in. Either way the debug led light is still orange/yellow colour
  4. Yo guys I'm sorry but I don't know what the fuck happened... I went into BIOS and changed sata to allow hot plugging and the ram to 3600hz as it was on auto but it was saying 2133hz or something but it wasn't 3600. My ram is 3600mz so I expect it to run as so. I went to go back to Windows and now it won't boot. My led is yellow for (DRAM)
  5. ive downloaded minitool partion wizard but im not quite sure where to go from there. also are you saying i should delete pcie devices on device manager, what would that do. thanks. sorry for screen shot spam but i just to show what i should do.
  6. Im sorry for another noob question but i built my pc and found that my hard drive only shows up as 2GB instead of 2 TB. Im using my ssd at the moment but ive tried reformating it and partioning it again but nothing worked. im sure theres a simpler solution that im unaware of so please may you help me. Ive tried updating the drivers but it said it was all updated. I have got a seagate FireCuda 2 TB. i have also tried going into the bios and tried changing settings to raid but imma be real i dunno what that means and i was kinda getting desperate. if i need to repeat anything or do please tell me with steps as i think ive done most of what i can. thanks
  7. Is all the orange/yellow part of the GPU meant to go in? To me it really looks like it should. I've put it in and screwed it before and screwing it wasn't a problem. I just don't want it to be half in and when I turn it on cause any damage. Thank you
  8. this is as far as the GPU could go I here the click of the latch but that's it. Either way I doubt this is in or is it?
  9. X570 tuf gaming pro WiFi MOBO with nzxt h510 case. GPU won't fit in all the way and won't click. I've tried putting it on the lower pcie slot but to no success. I have removed the plastic casing in the GPU and unscrewed the side brackets. I have a Rx 5700 xt red devil and it can go in like half the way to the point it sometimes jams and pressing the latch is painful mentally and physically due to it being close to the CPU cooler. Please help. First image shows how it won't go in all the way. If you need any more photos please tell. I'm really sorry but this is my first build and I'm kinda just getting frustrated but yeah. I still need to connect the PSU to the motherboard and such but I really don't want to remove the MOBO from the case. If you think it's necessary tho please say. Thank you!