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  1. kl thanks for the advivce ill look into a different setup
  2. do you have any recommendations that can run windows 10 cuz thats the only reason for acc changing the pentium 4 thats already in it
  3. i was gonna add a very cheap but semi-usable cpu and get like an rx 580 and use it for mining seeing as the power consumption of the cpu at idle is pretty low
  4. Are there any better cpus than the pentium d 3.4ghz(besides the prentium d 3.6ghz) that are supported by the motherboard?
  5. Thanks for the advice. Also another question, does the dell optiplex gx620 support more than 2gb per ram stick (not total capacity)
  6. will that provide adequate cooling(the stock intel cooler)?
  7. This is the motherboard and the socket is lga775
  8. dont the oneplus 5 and 3t have similar boards with similar connectors this should make the boards atleast partly compatible if not all the features work
  9. i was just wondering if like the oneplus 5 or even 6 parts like the motherboard may fit into the 3t. i know how hard it is to replace the actual parts individually.
  10. Like are ther any aftermarket motherboards with better cpus? Or any better screen that can fit into the phone?
  11. it was a white led but the only problem i have with it is that it keeps breathing instead of being a solid colour and you cant do anything to change it
  12. I was wondering as there is no way to control the led light at the top of the card, can you remove the 2 pin cable that connects it to the pcb and plug it into the rgb connector on the motherboard and control it that way?
  13. Could you recommend a specific xeon taht i could use?
  14. like dauntless, surviving mars, subnautica........