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  1. You can get more than a Core 2 Quad and a 750 TI for that amount of money. I personally use a Dell Precision T3500 (I got for free, but can be sourced for 40-80 bucks) with a Xeon X5650 (6 core, 12 thread) and GTX 960 (4 GB MSI OC) that I got for 70 dollars. It could be relatively easily built for around 150 dollars if you know where to look. Dell Precision T3500 - $56 Xeon X5650 - $10 GTX 960 - $60
  2. As you all may know, Anki went out of business in May, leaving their robots' futures uncertain at best. However, on December 18th, an edtech company called Digital Dream Labs has purchased their assets and promise to keep Vector's servers up, and make him have an unlockable bootloader. They will also keep updating Vector, Cozmo, and Overdrive. I have been in communication with them and they seem to have a good business plan. here is the Kickstarter update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anki/vector-by-anki-a-giant-roll-forward-for-robot-kind/posts/2724085
  3. I am part of a group called Project Victor. The Anki Vector is a quirky little AI robot that roams around a table (Linus has already showcased it). It is one of the only robots out there that feel "alive". But, as you may know, Anki has gone out of buisness. Mr Mobile has made a great video explaining this. The servers are going to inevitably go down soon, and it has made us owners sad. Me and a group of developers started a project called Project Victor. We aim to rebuild Vector as 100% open-source and be able to fully function without Anki's servers. If you want to join our Discord Server or Google Group, links are on https://www.project-victor.org I posted here because I want this project to be known, and we want the most help we can get.