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  1. Whenever I am pressing the key 'A' on my keyboard, the entire row is being registered and then the 'A' keeps on being registered. But the keyboard on my laptop is working perfectly fine. Keyboard: Hyperx Alloy Elite RGB I just reset the keyboard by pressing all the three buttons present at the top, but it didnt help.
  2. Yes the stock cooler which comes with X-version(wraith spire) is better the wraith stealth but it isnt enough for overclocking, so after market cooler it is.
  3. Yes, in a youtube video it was shown that the EVO is an improvement and the Gammax 400 provides pretty similar results. I dont think the H410R would be good enough for the R5 3600 (overclocked), so I am gonna go with the Gammax 400 or the EVO (if I can manage a few extra bucks) . THANKS MATE
  4. Yes the mounting brackets are changed for good (apparently on amazon).
  5. Should I go with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO or Hyper 212 LED for Ryzen 5 3600 (overclocked) ??? The black edition (both RGB and non-RGB) versions are not easily available in my country(INDIA). BUDGET: 3000 INR OR 45 US DOLLARs.
  6. I see.... and yes I am gonna put 3 fans (1x120mm in the rear and 2x120mm in the front) inside the cabinet,
  7. Thanks a lot man. Had a look on those tier lists. Would galax dual be better in terms of cooling then? PS: BUDGET LIMITATIONS
  8. Is there a notable difference in performance between zotac gaming Geforce rtx 2060 and the cheaper Inno 3d Geforce RTX 2060 twin x2? Both are clocked at 1680 mhz.