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  1. Hi whenever i try and play hitman 2 on my new computer it almost always crashes, never immediately but once im actually playing. what could be happening?
  2. @Mustangmatt215 thanks, hopefully it's ok. Happy holidays
  3. One more question, is this too much thermal paste?
  4. @Semper yes just looked and Arctic silver mx 4 is infact non conductive!! Should I still try and clean it up or can I just leave it?
  5. Hi I have committed a grave error and have gotten a little thermal paste on the motherboard, what can I do? See below. The gray stuff above CPU is the paste
  6. @Lady Fitzgerald why shouldn't I wipe it?
  7. @dizmo yes, i feel so bad that im making a trillion dollar company pay $70
  8. @dizmo what exactly is the "purchased by mistake" option for then, if not for people who "purchase by mistake"?
  9. @Jumballi hello again, i dont quite understand. windows is already installed?