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  1. My new motherboard is a ROG STRIX B360-F yeah.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the GPU is the problem, my pc still ocasionally freezes and has to be hard shutdown with the button, but happens way less often than the crashes that happened before, also the freezes happened even before i upgraded my motherboard and cpu and stuff. But like it works most of the time now, it just rarely freezes and that's it. Still wish I could fix that but i'm happy to at least fix the crashes, thank you for your time.
  3. So it hadn't been crashing since I plugged both PCIe cables in and switched the PCIe port the card was in, but today just to test i pulled the second pcie cable out and tried the daisy chain again and it crashed immediatly as i launched a game, and then it worked when i plugged the second cable in again. So I think that solved the problem?
  4. I tried it once before and it told me that it recommended i used the first slot so i changed it back, but this time it didn't, so far it seems fine now though, it took a few days for it to act up again after resitting the GPU last time so I'll wait for a bit before giving a final conclusion.
  5. I bought the Revolution DF 650W. Also I just put the graphics card in the other pci-e slot and used both cables instead of just the one, so far it didn't crash but it set my date to 2919 for some reason and also it was using 100% CPU while the date was wrong but that stopped when I changed the date? I don't really get that part???
  6. It's Daisy chained, the PSU came with two cables though but they're both chained in the end
  7. It never shut down before but it did freeze very rarely during gta v as far as I remember. I'll still try the other PCI-e slot when I get up
  8. There's no blue screen. Temps are 80° at highest. But it doesn't usually do it when it gets there, it seems more random than that. Cleaning the PC for dust was one of the first things I did.
  9. Ok so last update, I swear, I tried running the on board graphics and it stopped the crashing, but then when i switched back to my GTX 1080ti it started crashing and resetting again, should I just assume it's a problem with my Graphics card at this point? Or maybe the PCI-e slot on the motherboard? Sorry for all the messages I'm just not sure what to do.
  10. The problem started happening after i installed my new RAM, Motherboard and CPU by the way, stupid that I didn't mention that earlier, I thought I did, I've probably written so many times about this problem that I forgot or something. Anyway I have done a memtest and it found no problems, so I don't know if it could be the CPU or Motherboard doing it and I just don't know what to do. I've spend basically all my money on this pc and it just sucks and I'm getting so demoralized and upset by this.
  11. Nevermind the PC just reset itself today without any warning while I was playing Dark Souls
  12. I've installed the new PSU and so far it hasn't been crashing but it's been freezing randomly after sitting idle for a bit (which it also did before), but I'm not quite sure why that's happening tbh. Also while it's frozen if I turn my monitor off and on again it will say it has no connection and I am then forced to reset the pc myself with the button on the front.