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  1. Guys I need help, I am trying to buy a new laptop for $1000 I wish to get a 1660ti and i5 or i7 equivilent better with a RGB keyborad and if I am also going to get a budget monitor, what do you think that I should get
  2. I will be trying to buy this laptop do you think if this laptop is good or bad and how is Lenovo's afterservice thing since I heard that it's not that good and how is Lenovo's build quality
  3. Budget: $1500-2500 do what ever Website I use: PcHome Counrty: Taiwan
  4. Hey guys I am trying to build an okay gaming PC Budget: $1500-2500 (try not to use Amazon Link tho since I won't buy it there) THANKS
  5. I just joined 6min before
  6. -below $1000 -1050ti and above -i5 or i7 equvilent -at least 8gb ram -nice cooling system