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  1. So I put in a front mounted radiator and using the fans on it for intake. As of now I have it as case | radiator | fans or should it be: case | fans | radiator Thanks!
  2. Rma for the exact same Mobo, do I need to reinstall windows? Or can I install every game I need then just reboot with the new, same brand/type, motherboard?
  3. Figured out the issue, the cpu socket had bent pins. I am able to boot right now, so I got windows installed. When I get the new, same motherboard, will I have to install windows again?
  4. Will do. But how can I boot into the bios to make sure that is probably the problem. should I go to an hdmi cable for the display and use a different keyboard?
  5. Build: Motherboard: Maximus XI Hero RAMM: Corsair Vengence Pro 32gb gpu: GTX 980 TI PSU: Corsair 750 ( only thing from my old build) processor: Intel i7 7900k I upgraded all of my parts in my old computer, except the PSU. I booted up at first forgetting to put in the memory. I put it in and reset and rebooted. Everything boots up, all lights and fans work but I get error 10 on the motherboard with the yellow light. Keyboard / mice or anything usb wise do not work and I get nothing on the displays I have set up. The build doesn’t shut down at all it stays running fine, I just have that error and no windows boot. I am using my old ssd drives that have windows 10 on them as well. I have no clue what to do, could it be my psu because the usb inputs aren't working.